How much data have you used?


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OK, so now that a lot of people have had your Nexus one week, Have you looked at how much data you have used? I was surprised to have used 1.3GB already, and I just got my Nexus on monday :eek:


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Sadly, I'm only in a 3G area. And, I'm also coming from a Thunderbolt, so I can't really say my usage is anywhere out of typical of my last 8 months :) I do average about 3 GB a month though, since I don't do much other than browse FML, and listen to Pandora.

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Not sure how much i had used prior to launch, because i never pay attention. (i have unlimited data). I know i usually hover around the 2GB/month. Well my billing cycle starts on the tenth each month and I've already burned through 6.3GB this cycle! :eek: And with 20 more days to go! Thank goodness for unlimited data. And, no, I don't tether, though i stream music through Google Music a couple hours a day.



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I live in a fringe area so I tend to use WiFi more, but when I go to 4G areas, it gets used. I have only been in a 4G area for a few hours and most of this was used in less than 30 minutes when I was watching HD youtube videos and doing speedtest runs for fun.



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I used 2Gigs on LTE, and 1Gig on wi-fi. I rather just leave it on LTE since it's faster then my wi-fi, but some apps demand I use wi-fi to download or update it.