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How much did you pay for you DROID X?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by beangrower, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. wxman2003

    wxman2003 Android Enthusiast

    $350 new without contract.

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  2. rudybow

    rudybow Well-Known Member

    Yeah. The only thing I paid for was the insurance, and the accessories I chose to get with the phone. The guy on the phone was kind of pushy, but I did need everything I got.

    Hard deal to beat, one I tried to get from AT&T with their Captivate (very quirky phone though), but they didn't want to push my upgrade date up so I could get a free Captivate from RadioShack. Now they will get shelved as my cell provider.
  3. dg370

    dg370 Newbie

    $68 after $100 rebate.
    I used an upgrade from a shared line (was only 12 months into the new every 2 on my line), got $132 trade-in for my HTC Eris. Also got a BOGO. The additional data plan on the new DX will cost $20/mn for the personal unlimited plan as they are giving away the $10 shared line voice for 2 years.
  4. Meddie

    Meddie Lurker

    I just upgraded to the Motorola Droid X for free at dell.com Free FedEx ground shipping.
  5. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Android Expert

    You'll never look back on that move, trust me.
  6. DenverCZBob

    DenverCZBob Member

    Thanks everyone,

    I guess I will find out tomorrow morning what I get mine for :).
    Can't wait....

  7. sawtooth

    sawtooth Guest

    i did the buy one get on free with my sister. so after rebate we payed like $100 each
  8. panteramatt

    panteramatt Newbie

    Today I just got a hell of a deal. Looked on craigslist and got 2 droid x's, lg ally smartphone, and a blackberry for $300!!!!!
  9. FrayAdjacent

    FrayAdjacent Android Enthusiast

    Got the upgrade deal last week. Droid X was $299 on the site, and $50 was chopped off when I put it in my cart. $249. Then a $100 mail-in rebate brings it to $149.

    I just sold my previous phone (Droid) for $150 on eBay.

    Total cost for my Droid X = $0
  10. criscross79

    criscross79 Lurker

    I paid $49 tax free + free shipping for my DX at Amazon :-D
    Also got my wifes Dinc for $.01 from them too.
  11. Caveman419

    Caveman419 Android Enthusiast

    The day before Thanksgiving at Target (yes Target) I got:

    1 Droid X (for me) for $100 with a $50 Target gift card

    1 Droid Incredible (for my wife) for $20

    1 Droid 2 (for my daughter) for $50

    So after the gift card I spent $120 for 3 Droid Phones.
  12. tfarol

    tfarol Lurker

    I got mine for 1 cent from amazonwireless.
  13. smoke?check

    smoke?check Member

    $299 with $100 mail in rebate on verizon.com...so $199.....not so bad considering I upgraded the same line 2 weeks before over the phone lol
  14. DX0962

    DX0962 Newbie

    I got mine for free ...well I traded in my last device in "htc eris" appraisal was $134 and it was time for my contract update so I just had to hand over 100 bucks for my DX ..If y'all haven't noticed a Verizon deal its a trade in program trade in any smart phone and they'll appraise it ..once you accept and submit they'll send you an envolope to mail back to them and in a few weeks you'll get a gift card from Verizon to use on upgrades or what ever in any corprate store.
  15. archipeep

    archipeep Lurker

    $10 for mine and $10 for the old lady's. Total of $20 for 2 Droid X's at dell.com just a month ago :)
  16. softscrubb

    softscrubb Newbie

    Bought mine at Target the day after Thanksgiving for their $99 with a $50 gift card so basically $49 plus tax.

    I just sold my Droid on eBay and made $150 so I guess I'm ahead for now.... until I buy my Android Tablet in January.. hmmm what to get....

  17. Pegleg

    Pegleg Member

    Got two for $199.00 after $100 rebate.:)
  18. usnrma

    usnrma Newbie

    I played $149.00 at Costco, got phone, case and car charger.
  19. igotgame

    igotgame Well-Known Member

    $400 cash....craigslist

    Had upgrade available but didn't use it....probably will for droid x 2 if and when it comes
  20. Dhintz

    Dhintz Newbie

    49.99 Amazonwireless.com
  21. DroidJW

    DroidJW Guest


    ebay new Droid X for $250 (a fluke on price), less the $132 received for Droid Eris trade in = $118

    sold my Eris accessories for nearly the cost of my new accessories for Droid X (case, screen protector, & extra car/home chargers).
  22. Optimus

    Optimus Well-Known Member

    $350 craigslist... I'm exiting the contract game with Verizon and any major carrier. Went into a VZ store once and an employee kinda mocked me for being in contract.
  23. cdmoore74

    cdmoore74 Member

    Droid X and Samsung Fascinate for $216 and no rebates about 2 months ago. Just a little arm twisting on the phone with a verizon rep.
  24. tomwest76

    tomwest76 Lurker

    FREE from DELL!!

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