Help How much for wifi??


I don't have Verizon service anymore because 30.00/month is a rip-off. I was hoping to use wifi but even though it says I am connected I get no action. Even with Cheetah Guest..nothing. Then Cisco says they have a free password...but nothing. So do I need to do something special to make my wifi work. I am not expecting it for free, I just want to make sure it even works. I tried typing my question and find out if this question has been asked...but nothing. My Mac Snow Leopard seems like it already has a wifi thing going on. Is there a way to use the wifi signal from my computer? Can I travel away from my computer and still get wifi service? Thanks


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Wow. Where to start. Do you know how wifi works?

Where are you trying to connect to wifi? (Home? Office? School? Hotel?)

What is Cheetah Guest?

Your computer is not creating a wifi signal. It is connected to the wifi signal that the wireless router is transmitting. You can't use the signal from your computer to your phone. But if your computer gets a signal, and can get on the internet, your phone should be able to as well. You need to give us more information.


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NiceGuysFinishLast is right. We need more information before we can help you. This is much easier if you have control over your wifi connection, but if you do not, you need to know as much about accessing that connection as you do to get online with your computer.

The good news is that you do not have to pay to get online with your phone unless the wifi service you are connecting to is not free.


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I guess I will just start with how to connect while at home. I do know that I have been automatically connected say for instance, while in a mall or bookstore that provides wifi service. Do I need a router for my computer? Right now, because I don't have the 3g/internet connection, I just want to use wifi to update and buy applications. I suppose having wifi in my car is out?


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jimt68: Unless you have home based internet with a wireless router you're out of luck at home unless you are able to connect to an unsecured connection which is neither safe nor ethical. And Yes, WiFi wouldn't be an option on your car unless you're stationary and within range of an open WiFi network.