How much RAM does LG optimus ME have?


i googled and googled but couldnt find it out.... if u know or own an optimus me, can u plz tell how much ram it has? maybe u might download some task manager n find out?

for those who are confused about internal mem. and ram: note that ram is diff. from internal mem.

for mods: i didnt post this thread in LG optimus ME forum because if i did, nobody would see and answer this. that forum hardly has any visitors.


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as i said, plz dont be confused between ram and internal storage. ram is diff.

I apologize for the confusion as internal storage in Android device is frequently considered the smartphone equivalent to RAM.

I've seen online posts that indicate that the Optimus ME has 140mg of internal RAM, 256mb of internal RAM, and 512mb of internal RAM. Since I don't own an Optiumus ME, nor have the personal resources to purchase one and dis-assemble it, all I can do is to rely on information provided by others.


One bite at a time...
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