how much to develop Android app?


I need to find out an approximate cost of developing a smart phone application to make doctor's appointment online. I have a web site with MySQL DB that stores doctors and their availabilities. The smart phone app will allow users to search doctors by zip code, show schedule (availability) of a selected doctor and provide interface to make an appt.

does anyone know how much would it cost?

I was thinking to use freelancer, oDesk or or an independent freelancer...

any recommedation of a good developers?


Have you found your developer yet?
It depends on the skills and experiences of your android app developer. I think the cheapest rate ranges from $10-15 dollars an hour. oDesk and eLance are great but if you're planning to make a business out of making Android apps, you might as well hire someone full time. This list on might help you find the kick ass Application developer for you. I hope it helps. Let me know how it turns out.