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How satisfied are you with your Asus Eee Pad Transformer tablet?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cds0699, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Name on tablet that uses the same screen that does not have major light leaks.

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  2. M5Rahul

    M5Rahul Well-Known Member

    My sentiments exactly!

    I can't deal with the LAG! It's annoying as hell!! :mad:

    This thing's going back to Amazon!

    My score 4.0
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  3. mobimop

    mobimop Well-Known Member

    My iPad first gen.... Zero light leaks let alone "Major"

    My TF101 light leaks are minor and I can live with them. Just pointing out the build quality is not so good and when you add up the software issues it makes for not so pleasant initial experience.
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  4. clgwli

    clgwli Well-Known Member

    I think I have had my transformer for about a month now. I really can't remember the exact date but that seems right.

    I give it a 9/10

    I love the docking station and how the whole tablet feels when docked. It obviously goes from a fabulous tablet to a netbook.

    I find the build quality on this to be fantastic. battery life is excellent as I only have to charge it every few days.

    I bought this to be a type of computer type to use when I don't feel like using my work machine (alienware laptop - I work from home). It's perfect.

    I've spent a lot of time on an iPad2 and this one really does beat it... especially with flash. I just watched that video embedded here in 720p and the video they were showing was amazingly smooth. I can't get that kind of quality elsewhere.

    The downside is really Honeycomb 3.1. In fact I actually liked 3.0 better but what can I do? I have faith in Android though to get this fixed up quickly. Laggy programs and forced closed apps annoy me but not enough to keep me away.

    Biggest negative to me? I keep trying to scroll on my alienware laptop by touching the screen ;)
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  5. dhoffman1421

    dhoffman1421 Android Enthusiast

    I use mine side by side my iPad 1. The only thing I crticize the TF for is lack of Netflix, some games that work on my phone (DX) crash on my TF and finally the damn power button issue and I do find that truly annoying. Agree with the speaker volume being too low but the same is true for the iPad 1 IMO anyway.
  6. andoroido

    andoroido Newbie

    dhoffman1421, it's not android fault, blame Netflix for supporting almost nothing. :S
  7. dhoffman1421

    dhoffman1421 Android Enthusiast

    Point taken but it does detract from the TF experience, but as you said no fault of Android or Asus.

    To the TF's favor, the few Tegra games I have found play really well so the future is promising.
  8. mobimop

    mobimop Well-Known Member

    Actually the reason why Netflix is delayed is because of Android. If we didn't have everyone on a different release, customer UI's and mostly crap processors we'd had Netflix on day one.

    It is what it is and Google even admitted so at Google I/O earlier this month, hopefully things will get sorted out in the next year.
  9. Russcausier82

    Russcausier82 Newbie

    Have you any good links for rooting the transformer?
  10. Eris1981

    Eris1981 Android Enthusiast

    I mostly agree with this... only I say 7/10 because of the charging cable. I drop it down that far because of that - because you cannot use a freaking USB extension cable with it either. It will not charge if you do. I have not had the brightness issue.

    I have a 110+ year old house, most of my outlets cannot be reached by a 2' charging cable without setting the thing on the floor to charge.
  11. busted bones

    busted bones Android Enthusiast

    Im surprised netflix isnt out on on Honeycomb tablets since they are all pretty much the same and locked down since Google is trying to help the fragmentation issue. Is there a way to root the transformer and use netflix? Im considering this as a tablet but the lack of netflix is a huge deal breaker for me.
  12. ritchea

    ritchea Well-Known Member

  13. Waldy

    Waldy Newbie

    Ever heard of a extension cable for electricity? You plug it into the wall and it can be anywhere from 1-1000m long and Voila, now you can charge your TF anywhere without USB extension ;)
  14. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Android Enthusiast

    lol whilst thats true, but taking from his point of view, the cable is a lil short. i mean, imagine your travelling and often or not the bnb or hotel has a socket not right along your bedside. can't expect us to carry an extension lead with us 24/7 right? even tried it in the study, the desk is high enough for the lead not to reach the low electrical socket. personally it could do with another 40-50cm at least.

    the one thing that gripes me is the propriatory connector, wtf? thought we all decided to go micro usb as part of that EU ruling? or is that purely for mobile phones?
  15. Eris1981

    Eris1981 Android Enthusiast

    Exactly i travel about 75% of the time for work. My territory is the eastern US. I bought my transformer to reduce the amount of stuff i was carrying through the airport. Adding a 6'extension cord that is bulky is just, not convenient, carry on real estate is valuable.
  16. Elsbeth

    Elsbeth Lurker

    I have owned mine for about 3 weeks now. I would give it an 8 out of 10 rating. As others have pointed out the speakers could be louder, I have issues with loss of connectivity if sitting idle, but today I was thoroughly disappointed to see that it will not charge. I have checked the charging adapter and it does have power, so I have to believe it is in the 40 pin cable. Where do you buy an adapter......ASUS and all other providers are on backorder, and there is not a generic adapter available, so my unit is out of service until who knows when...not a good plan ASUS!
  17. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    I'm pleased with the transformer in terms of performance. My unit has some separation of the glass/case near the volume controls. When you hold the tablet you can feel it move and hear it click. I'm gonna have to send it back to Asus and I'm not real happy about that...but there are alwasy some manufacturing defects in various units when mass producing them. Other than that...this tablet is fantastic.
  18. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Android Enthusiast

    so far im giving this a 7.5 out of 10.

    The basics such as the screen and responsiveness of the whole package is really good. battery life is pretty decent even without the keyboard attachement. battery life with the keboard certainly makes this an awesome tool to tug around when your on a long journey such as flights 1/2 way round the world on business trips.

    but there are a few things that niggle me. its a shame that not more apps are available for tablets nor do the ones available work in the tablet format, but id imagine this will improve overtime as more and more tablest hit consumer hands and developers finally get the heave ho to allow their apps to work better in tablet format.

    im not sure its possible, but asus should have allowed us to customise the keyboard mappings e.g. the internet button i wish i could map it to dolphin hd. maybe this will be included in a further update.

    no biggie but no 'del' key? then again i guess th onscreen andy keyboard didnt have one but still, asus dev team could have come up with a solution to that surely? lol

    is it me or does flash content not work smoothly when viewing it straight from a webpage? not quite sure if its flash player, or honeycomb it self, memory or the tegra 2 processor....my desire HD views the same flash content just fine.

    the lag. even on 3.1, as i type this on the quick reply field on the phandroid thread, it doesnt seem to pick up the key presses against the screen input immediately and theres some major lag at times esp when attempting to use the backspace . normal websites and using any of the browsers the text input is perfectly fine.

    polaris office. well its ok, but not the greatest to be honest, might try documents to go, but man the spreadsheet app doesnt behave in the same way as you'd expect from an office app. kinda wish open office releases one for android tablets :)

    ive mainly listed negatives, but that cos i feel this is still a v1 product, hopefully with further updates from google in the future, the experience will get better.

    oh ....also wish paid game apps can sync i.e. progress made on phone is sync'd with the tablet and vice versa
  19. sockgoblin

    sockgoblin Lurker

    :mad: Im falling out of love with the transformer the whole Android tablet market is just too immature and APPS not yet developed.

    After installing the new version of SKYPE today and finding out that video calls are not supported on the transformer I am disappointed, so today it gets a 5 /10. There are too many functions which I can do just as well on my HTC Desire ( it does audio calls over SKYPE so why to I want to heft a big tablet to do just the same?)

  20. sockgoblin

    sockgoblin Lurker

  21. busted bones

    busted bones Android Enthusiast

    I have an EVO 4G, one of the most popular phones and SKYPE completely ignored us which is really annoying bs luckily a developer unlocked the app and I downloaded their app an it works perfectly. When I get on a real computer ill send a link for the article and the apk. Some tablets its working, some not.
  22. busted bones

    busted bones Android Enthusiast

    As promised, this is linked through the main page an phandroid so I dont think it is violating any ToS but if the mod feels it is feel free to remove it

    Hacked Skype 2.0 Comes With Even More Device Compatibility – Download Here

    Some people get it to run perfectly on a tablet, some can download it but it FCs, some cant even download. I dont have a tablet so I thought I would put that little disclaimer. It did however work perfectly on my EVO 4G.
  23. Eris1981

    Eris1981 Android Enthusiast

  24. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

  25. LaFlavor

    LaFlavor Well-Known Member

    So far, I'd give it a 7.5 out of 10. No light leaks, but I do still get some keyboard lag on web forms. Give me netflix, and it's a 9.

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