Nov 12, 2009
Well I went and ordered a 16gb class 6 card for the g1 mail is taking forever getting here though lol.

I'm running cyangenmod

So whats the reccomended layout for the card?

I'm thinking 1gb ext4 and idk say 8mb linux swap.

Sounds like that would be a perfect setup. I went and picked up a 4gb class 6 at radio shack for 18 bucks and split it right down the middle...and oh man..way too much app space. I have 86 apps now and have hardly dented my space. Now I am just being to lazy to resize.
finally got the card today.

Went with 1 gig ext4 and 32mb of linux swap.

Hopefully runs much better as i was already maxing out my phone memory in less then 2 weeks lol.