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How succesful the EVO is, is up to sprint.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mjz773, May 22, 2010.

  1. mjz773

    mjz773 Member
    Thread Starter

    I have an HTC hero, and will be selling it for the EVO.
    I like android and think it is a great OS, however like many others I wish the iPhone apps/games were on the Android Market.

    I am on a Sprint Plan family plan, So have to get a Sprint Phone, I have always preferred the iPhone until now.

    I was looking for an iPod touch on ebay/craigslist, and came across a 3G iPhone for $170, So I picked it up. I loved the look of the OS of the iPhone, yes, it is smooth, but the screen and the crisp icons are what I liked.

    However the OS did feel "Stale" after only 2 weeks of usage.
    Now alot of iPhone owners are saying that it is stale, and alot think it is still a smooth, revolutionary OS.

    But All it is is an app launcher.
    The customization on and android and the EVO simply kills the iPhone. the Screen is gigantic, and the way the OS works how you want is awesome.

    Sprint's network 3G and 4G has always been awesome imo. And the way they market this device is going to have a big impact on Sprint sales, and Android apps.

    Their commercials are always too busy and not focusing on the Device itself. Sprint needs to show the EVO by itself by and show how gigantic the screen and they need to show how fast the Phone is side by side with all the competition, and lastly when they need to leave ATT and verizon customers pissed and show them how much they could be saving.

    I know of course they are going to and do do this now. But when I see an iPhone commercial it always focuses on just the Phone and all the cool things it does, and when its over you think, wow thats cool and I want one. But with Sprint's commercials they show you too much stuff and they don't catch the audiences attention and leave a good thought in the persons, head, they are too busy.

    I want this phone to succeed because more sold=more reason for developer to make apps/games for android.

    But I have a feeling it is not going to sell to its full potential because of Sprint's Poor marketing.

    Does anyone else agree?

    I know this is not for a specific device, but this is how 99% of their commercials are..

    YouTube - Palm Pre webOS - new Sprint Commercial

    YouTube - iPhone 3g Commercial "There's An App For That" 2009

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  3. Agent Jones

    Agent Jones Android Enthusiast

    The thing is that sprint commerical was NOT for the pre. it was for the network and it just used the pre as a phone to show.
  4. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    Just went to radio shack and preordered, where it says pin# on the receipt that means how many people have preordered the phone to date.

    Mine says 127,851, that sounds pretty sucsessfull to me, seeing as how we are still almost 2 weeks away.
  5. Agent Jones

    Agent Jones Android Enthusiast

  6. dgreen

    dgreen Member

    Well if the pin number is how many were ordered, I ordered mine the first day possible and was number 13,341 so I would consider that pretty damn good for a phone.
  7. clwoodwork

    clwoodwork Newbie

    That "We've got Snipers" is great.

    Peace, Chuck
  8. cabbie

    cabbie Android Expert

    anyone else confirm the PIN # is number pre-ordered? 127,851 is an astounding number!!!! what did the droid sell?
  9. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    Again that is just what the manager told me, but as he walked off another guy walked up the ring someone else up and said he was curious what the pin# said.
  10. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    Everytime I see that sniper video, I just die laughing.

    RIP verizon man. lol

    TS out
  11. mjz773

    mjz773 Member
    Thread Starter

    By all means that is successful, and I want it to sell as much as possible.

    and 124,000 or whatever it is could be just radio shack too not counting BB or sprint.

    The point of the post is that Sprints advertising could be better, thats all.
  12. Roman G.

    Roman G. No-Posting Probation

    That is evo in general.

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