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How the "Developer Forums" section works

Discussion in 'Developer Forums' started by Phases, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Phases

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    Sep 9, 2008

    Sep 9, 2008
    Nashville, TN
    This section is for developers who would like their own forum(s) hosted here on AF, free of cost. This applies to veterans as well as the new guys on the block who are just trying to learn the ropes. There are benefits that come along with this so if you're a developer looking for your own place to work with your team, take feedback from users or just organize your thoughts, read on. We may be able to provide something of interest to you.

    We are offering three things:

    1) A badge much like what you see under my name, which distinguishes you as a developer.

    2) Rights to upload .apk / zip files for sharing.

    3) A forum in this section, with whatever structure and rights scheme you like.

    You will be able to name the forum, as well as organize and run as you see fit (within reason). Let us not forget the added benefit of being right there with tons of other members already registered and ready to interact, should you want to solicit feedback, etc.

    You will be made a moderator of your forums and have access to several mod tools with near complete control. Closing, sticking, editing and deleting threads/posts, for example. You will be able to request whatever sub-forums or prefix sets you would like to help organize, then apply whatever rights you would like to each.

    For example, there could be an announcement sub-forum where only team members can post new threads, and a support/feedback sub-forum where all members could post. Additional areas could be password protected or completely hidden from view for the team to work in private.

    Or there could be 10 different sub-forums inside your section, one for each application you have out there, with sub-forums or prefix sets within to organize further. (Feature Requests, Bug Reporting, etc).

    More details:

    You will have the rights within your sub-forum(s) to do the following:
    Edit posts
    Delete posts
    Open and Close threads
    Edit thread titles
    Stick, Merge, Split threads
    Move threads out of your forum to a more suitable area
    Prune threads out of your forum

    You would not be able to:
    Ban users
    View IP address,

    Some of the options you have on a per forum basis:
    Set it so that only you or your team can post in the forum, threads or posts.
    Set it so that only you can create threads, but all can reply.
    Leave it open for all to make threads and reply.
    Choose to enable prefixes.
    Password protect or hide.

    You will need to let me know when you want various options changed, and I'll make the changes for you. By default, no prefixes or sub-forums, free for all to post in.

    You still need to host your larger .apks or .zips wherever you currently are - but we can handle the storage and delivery of smaller ones for you.

    If anyone has any interest, just let any moderator or myself know, and we'll get you set up!



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