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How the heck do you transfer files?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Anthony2816, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. hal1

    hal1 Android Expert

    File transfer works perfect. Drag and drop, my pc sees my phone as another folder or drive when I use the included usb/power cord, but not when I used a different one.

    Is there something magical about the supplied cable?

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  2. crboone

    crboone Android Enthusiast

    The S3 has a standard micro USB plug, and Samsung would not be playing nice to offer some kind of proprietary micro USB without changing the actual plug itself (like iPhone's proprietary dock). So, if you're using a good quality Belkin or a USB cable from a previous smartphone that you know works, you should be okay.

    That said, the *really cheap* USB cables you can purchase from Amazon for .01 (or as part of those 10+ item bundles for 5 bucks) can indeed cause problems. I purchased a set in the past to use as extra chargers and they caused the phone to either not charge or act strangely, as if they didn't provide the correct voltage from the transformer or conduct a charge at all (even though they were rated the same voltage as the one that came with my phone). Neither did they seem to work well plugged into the USB port. So cables/chargers *can be bad* even if specifically stated they are suitable for your phone. I wouldn't recommend using one of those ultra low-cost, no-name cables for your nice smartphone because they're typically substandard even as simple cables. (Not everyone has problems with these, but many do. It just depends on whether you happened to get a bad one or not -- always read the reviews before purchase).

    The possibility of having a bad cable from a more reputable source exists as well, of course, (someone above even wrote how the Samsung-supplied cable didn't work properly but other cables did), but it's not as likely.

    The "other" cable I'm using (which works fine) is from an old BB Storm from 3 years ago. I just leave that cable plugged into my USB port and use it for my S3 and for my backup hard drive, and it works okay with both. Using the Samsung-provided cable does not change how it works with my phone at all.

    The reason the Cellular Reps (Verizon, ATT, etc) will tell you to use the Samsung cable is because, for all intents and purposes, those cables should be good. They can't rely on any given customer to necessarily use a good cable, and they've learned this. Then, if the phone still doesn't work correctly and has to be replaced, at least it wasn't due to some knock-off cable that doesn't really function properly.

    Hope this helps -- I realize YMMV depending on the situation.
  3. mypet

    mypet Lurker

    Just wanted to add - after reading this I decided I should test mine to see if it works since I'm getting to the end of my 14 day window. I used the Samsung usb wire - plugged it in and it popped right up in my computer. I was able to drag and drop with no problems.

    I had downloaded and installed the usb drivers from Samsung when I originally ordered the phone. I tried it with my old razr usb wire and it worked fine too.
  4. clintB7

    clintB7 Lurker

    it's probably your cable , what i have found not all cables are the same , some will work fine to power your unit but useless for file transfer ... i had a similar situation and the cable was the key .... make sure you get a usb cable that is a data transfer cable .... the cable that came with my galaxy s2 does not work ,,, extra charger i bout that came with DATA transfer/powercord (usb) works just fine
  5. Berni

    Berni Lurker

    OK, after facing similar problem, I have called the store I bought my Samsung Ace 2, and the sale lady gave me this solution and it worked perfectly:

    1) Unplug everything.
    2) Go to your phone 'setting' -> 'wireless and network' -> 'usb utilities' then press the button 'connect storage to PC' THEN plug in the cable to the phone & computer. Then you will see android logo and it will say USB connected. Then your computer will detect the driver. You will have to repeat these steps every time you mount your usb driver.

    Hope this helps. I haven't seen any solution on any forum sofar. If it works for you, please report back too.
  6. Anthony2816

    Anthony2816 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    My Verizon Samsung S3 doesn't have this USB utilities settings. :(
  7. Berni

    Berni Lurker

    hmmm... I guess most important is to plug in the cable when it asks you to, and not to plug it in first... you might have to find in your phone the right command to do this.. if I get the answer for you, will post back.. good luck..
  8. redhook

    redhook Android Expert

    Try this.

    Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware
  9. redhook

    redhook Android Expert

    Plug the phone into the computer. Pull down the status bar on the phone, USB Mode, MTP.
  10. roebling

    roebling Lurker

    Install/update Windows Media Player to version 11

  11. bryanseese

    bryanseese Lurker

    I have a Galaxy SIII and had trouble connecting to it via USB on one of my Windows XP computers.

    I would recieve an error message:

    "There was a problem installing this hardware: SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device...An error occurred during the installation of the device. The required section was not found in the INF."

    I found that installing windows media player 11 on the problem computer allowed me to connect to the phone.

  12. Alt230

    Alt230 Lurker

    I have two laptops.Both run win 7.:( Win 7 has the worst usb handling of any os so far unless 8 is worse yet. I probably won't find out for myself. One computer reads the S3 like any other external drive. The Toshiba Satellite has the usb drivers but was able to see the S3 once and never after. There is a samsung app that will manage files between the phone and laptop. It's called Kies or something like that. It doesn't look like any file manager I've used before. I find it a bit counter intuitive and avoid it. Indeed it seems easier to get them both running and networked but here comes the dust in the face: win7 has all this permission garbage that usually gets in the way. Even with all users having administrator rank. Anyway you can go to the samsung web site and d/l the file manager for what its worth. You might also pull the sd card out and plug it into your machine. That way you can move things in your sd card as well as to it. I'm not at all clear on what's the best apps for doing that. You might try Samsung on the phone and see what they're saying about why the usb drivers don't work in your computer. Could you confirm that you're having this issue with a win 7 device? BTW I have media player 13. Maybe it's a bad luck distro?
  13. mkenny

    mkenny Lurker

    I was having the same problem, but with W8. I used the cable that came with the phone the best I could get was access to the Video, Music and Photo folder. I swapped out the cable with one from my camera and all of a sudden the computer recognized the device and I could look at all the files on the phone. There is something different with one of those cable, because plugging the original cable back in and I go back to only seeing the three folders and I do not get the connection notification on the phone.
  14. jaysacks

    jaysacks Newbie

    Why did you go through all of this?

    What about a simple file transfer app.
    I don't even connect to my computer anymore.


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