How to add extra phone numbers without adding a line (for Twitter Blue)?


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Mar 26, 2008
How can I add extra phone numbers to my account without adding a line?

I don't need a secondary phone with an extra number. I just need additional phone numbers (that preferably forward calls and texts to my primary number).

To be fully transparent: I'm signing up for Twitter Blue but my personal account is attached to my personal phone number. Twitter will not let me sign up for Twitter Blue with that phone number, saying it's already in use. It also will not allow me to use a Google Voice number or other "temporary" numbers saying they're not valid phone numbers.

This question is specific to Verizon, but I assume people with AT&T, T-Mobile, etc... will have a similar question. If there's way to accomplish this WITHOUT getting and paying for an extra number, I'd love to hear your suggestions!

EDIT: At one point VZW had an app for that:

But it's since been discontinued:

Not to mention $15/month for a number + $84/year for Twitter Blue = $WayMoreThanIWouldSpend.
Don't know of a way to get a real number for free, but you can get a number for $1.50 a month plus tax from US Mobile if you only need texts for verification:

Go to the Build Your Own Plan section and select 50 texts per month for $1.50. At that price the taxes are probably more then the plan. They also have a $5 plan for light usage if you want to actually use the number.

Not sure if Twitter would consider prepaid carriers a valid number, or if only Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile will work.
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