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How to add files to my phone, and transfer APPS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by theYoungLYFE, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. theYoungLYFE

    theYoungLYFE Lurker
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    Well, tbh I don't even know the official name of my phone. I'm still with Alltel, & I have this phone called the LG Optimus Select(If you know a different name for this phone, please let me know) I purchased it today, and so far, I've fallen in love with it. There's just a few problems with it. 1st- Idk how to transfer my Twitter app, or my messages from my old Sony Ericsson to this phone. 2nd- Idk how to add music to this phone from my MacBook. I've tried using Android File Transfer on my Mac, I've tried backup apps, etc. on my phone but nothing seems to work. Can someone help me, please?

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  2. azoller1

    azoller1 Android Expert

    Airdroid, and why are you in the spectrum forums?
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