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How to Add the Ability to Enable\Disable 3g on Your Captivate, With One Click

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ArchVile, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. ArchVile

    ArchVile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have registered to these forums new specifically to answer this question. I have found a good way to deal with this issue and I have already replied to a couple of people who, like me, have limited data, want to save battery power, simply just want more control over their phone, or all of these reasons at once. I decided to put this info into its own thread, because I foresee this as being a major sticking point for a lot of people when it comes to the Captivate and 3g and cell data control. AT&T has, for one reason or another, elected to have the ability to turn 3g off, removed from the Captivate. I too have the 200MB plan, which is more than enough provided that the phone doesn't randomly send out signal over cellular data tranmission. Well, it seems to do this. I'm sure there is an app or two that are the culprit, but even with WiFi on and background data turned off, I tracked my data usages and saw that packets of data were being mysteriously sent out over 3g overnight while I was asleep. Within just a few days of having the Captivate, I had accumulated 20MB of data usage. At that rate, I would have burned up my limit nothing flat.

    I did find a solution to control this however. You do NOT have to root your phone or do any crazy modifications.

    You will need to get an app called JuiceDefender

    When you install the app, it may seem overly complicated and will appear not to work. The program does require some settings tweaks in order to work properly, so I will step you through how to set it up to block 3g\2g\Edge or any other cellular data transmission, as well as how to control it through a single click of a widget icon.

    1. Turn off WiFi and let JuiceDefender set itself up. It will need to use your 3g settings in order to figure out how to deal with them and it won't work with WiFi on
    2. After the initial setup is done, switch it over to advanced control mode.
    3. You will see a whole list of buttons down at the bottom, some lit and some not. Lit means enabled. Above that you will see a list of different statuses. These are just here to let you know what the program is set to control. We only care about 3g in this case, so just go ahead an turn EVERYTHING off, starting from the bottom up for now (if you try from the top down, it will disable some buttons, and we just want everything off right now, just to be safe), via the buttons at the bottom. Make sure they are all turned off, especially the "battery" one, because that will affect how the program deals with your phone when the battery goes below a certain level and can give you unpredictable results if you aren't familiar with how it works or what it is for.
    4. Make sure everything is turned off, especially the 'WiFi" button. Now, with everything off, all of the buttons underneath "Data - WiFi - Timeout" should be completely grayed out. Now, you can go ahead and turn on the Data button (the very first button on the top). All of the buttons below should pop back up and be accessible again.
    5. If you are following along, you may be starting to understand how this system works. It's confusing at first, but essentially, all of the buttons on the rows below the very top ones are modifiers. In this case, modifiers for the "Data" function. Get it? If not, don't worry. It isn't too important. Just look and make sure none of the other buttons are lit up again. You may have to turn some off again. Schedule and battery can be a little stubborn, but as long as they are off, you are all set up.
    6. At the very top of the screen, is a button that will either say, "Enabled" or "Disabled". If it says "Disabled", click it and wait for it to say "Enabled"
    7. If all went well, the list at the top will say "No Nothing" for most everything except for "Scedule" which should say, "Keep Data disabled". This is good. Go ahead and hit your home key and back out to your home page again. You are done configuring. If you use "Advanced Task Killer" or something similar, be sure to exclude JuiceDefender from being killed. It will run in your system tray.
    8. Now, I'm sure you want some easy way to control all of this. That's simple. JuiceDefender comes with two widgets. If you scroll down, the widget list and you are trying to add a widget, you will see "JuiceDefender". Skip this. It can work, but it's a lot of steps and forced you to actually go into the program and change the settings again. You don't want this. Instead, keep scrolling down until you see "Toggle mobile data", with the JuiceDefender icon. Ones it pops up, it should say "Off" in red letters. All you have to do is tap it. It will ask for confirmation, but if you want it to stop asking confirmation, just tell it not to ask again when the message pops up.
    9. You are now set. All you need to do from here on out is tap the button to toggle on or off whenever you see fit. When it says "On" in green, that means your 3g is active. This does not in any way affect your ability to use WiFi, so I personally just leave it "Off" until I know I have no access to WiFi and need to use the net for any reason.

    Hope that is helpful and good luck.

    SIDENOTE: If you try to send a photo or something like that to someone else via text message 9which turns it into MMS messages), data service is required to be on. I'm not entirely sure why, because MMS is supposed to be included in AT&T's text plan and my old phone (a Pantech Duo) did not have any data plan on it, nor did it require the use of 3g. Perhaps someone else has knows a reason for this, but if you plan to message a picture to anyone, you'll need to turn 3g back on temporarily, or else your picture will infinitely say "Sending" until you turn it on; WiFi does not make any difference for this. The same goes when receiving photos through text. It will stick on "Receiving" until you turn 3g on.

    Have fun with your, now much more controllable, Captivate!

    [EDIT - 8-15-10] - Title of thread changed to clarify that this allows the ability to enable\disable all cellular data, including 3g\2g\Edge\etc, not simply just 3g. Some changes were made to the body to reflect this clarification as well. Using the methods describe above do not interfere with WiFi, Bluetooth or any of the other data transmission services outside of cellular data.

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  2. Tasmin

    Tasmin Well-Known Member

    Sounds good; I'm already getting tired of rebooting my phone to get the APNdroid settings to take effect. Anyone tried this / confirm it works?
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  3. MikeyMike01

    MikeyMike01 Member

    I use JuiceDefender to turn the wireless off when the screen isn't on, and then turn it on for one minute every fifteen minutes for things to sync, get emails, etc. Saves on battery life.

    And the widget does in fact work to shut off the 3g.
  4. tessel8

    tessel8 Lurker

    A question for clarity. This solution seems to disable all cellular data service, not just 3G. Is that the case, or did I do something wrong :)?

    If this solution is disabling all cellular data service, can you change the title & discussion to "cellular data service" or something instead of "3G"

    I am looking for a solution that will disable 3G, but leave the remaining cellular data services intact. Put another way, I want to limit the cellular data to EDGE or GPRS.

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  5. ArchVile

    ArchVile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Fair enough. To clarify, this method cuts off all forms of cellular data transmission. I am not yet sure of how to downgrade the service. Interestingly enough the Captivate's twin brother, the Vibrant, actually does have the option to downgrade to 2g, which a lot of people like, since its easier on the battery. I'm not yet sure how to go about do this on the Captivate though.

    Thanks for the catch, and I have made changes to the title and the body to reflect the clarification.
  6. hat_trick

    hat_trick Lurker

    I registered to this forum just to say a big thank you. I had been searching for a proper way to turn off 3G (now on the $15/mo 200Mb ATT plan) and having no luck until you took the time to document this for everyone.

    Thanks a lot!! :)
  7. Dukies07

    Dukies07 Lurker

    Thanks for posting!
  8. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing this with us as many of us Captivate users were frustrated with having to reboot phone all the time...now its almost TOO easy lol. :)
  9. RavenFox

    RavenFox Android Enthusiast

    Finally a good explanation on juice defender and a 3G shut off bonus. Bravo Sir and thank you.
  10. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    My experience with Juice Defender has not been great - at least not in regards to battery life. I let to do it's thing for an entire day, and I actually ended up with 5-7% LESS left on my battery than with out using it at all, though the notification bar claimed I was seeing an 84% increase in battery life. I left it in the default configuration with the 15/1 3G scheduling. I may give it another shot in the future, but I was not terribly happy with it in my experience. It may work great if you just wanted to turn off the radio to save on your data usage though.

    To force the phone into EDGE mode you have to access the service menu. You can do this by opening the dialer and entering *#*#197328640#*#* then going into [1] DEBUG SCREEN > [8] PHONE CONTROL > [4] UE STATE CONTROL. Option 3 (GSM) will put the radio into 2G/EDGE mode, option 2 (WCDMA) will put it back on the 3G.

    There is also an application in the marketplace called "SamServMode" that will bring up the service menu on Samsung handsets, which is mode convient then typing the access code into the dailer constantly. And no, you can't add the service mode code as a contact and use that for easy access :) A widget that would do this for us would be tops.
  11. Tasmin

    Tasmin Well-Known Member

    Finally had time this afternoon to sit down and try this method out - works like a charm. Then I took it a step farther and threw Tasker into the mix. It took forever, but I've finally got my own awesome profile widget working! Now I can switch between profiles for home, work, school, sleeping, and other in two clicks. So far I'm setting the correct combination of wifi, wifi sleep, 3G, keygaurd, audio mode, and data sync for each situation. I know it's small potatoes for a lot of people, but I felt like da bomb when I finished tweaking it :D
  12. antol11

    antol11 Lurker

    I've been using this the last couple of days and it seems to be working okay for me. the only thing that I noticed is that when you plug it in to charge it automatically turns 3G back on. Does anyone know if it's possible to change that. I would like it to only be able to switch 3G on/off manually.
  13. Tasmin

    Tasmin Well-Known Member

    That's odd. Sounds like a setting is wrong somewhere, but I don't see any switch for this on JuiceDefender. Hopefully someone else who knows more about the program can help you out.
  14. ArchVile

    ArchVile Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Check this. Open your JuiceDefender app and go into settings. In the menu, where the buttons are, tap the button that says "battery" on the second row of buttons. A button at the bottom should appear at the very bottom next to a slider that says "Charger". Is this glowing green? If it is, tap it and turn it off. This is most likely the problem, and it's a real pain to to.

    Once the hidden charger button is turned off, that should fix your problem when charging.

    JuiceDefender is a good useful program, but I won't lie by saying it's the most intuitive to set up.
  15. RavenFox

    RavenFox Android Enthusiast

  16. Works GREAT!!! I charged it to 100% and took it off when I went to bed. This morning (8 hrs) it was showing 97% with NO data usage! YOU ROCK!!!
  17. Easilyamused

    Easilyamused Android Enthusiast

    anyone know why this turns off sms and other apps such as voice command?
  18. dantheman2

    dantheman2 Member

    You can just hold in the power button, then enable "flight mode". 3G is then turned off. You can then turn Wifi on while in flight mode.
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  19. dseps

    dseps Lurker

    but that will turn off the phone service for voice/sms also, won't it?

    Just for clarification: I haven't tried the step by step process from ArchVile but it sounds like that will completely turn off all incoming/outgoing data other than WIFi and voice/sms.

    Is that correct?

    If so this is exactly what I want and I'll follow the process, with the change recommended to make sure the hidden charger button is turned off.

    Is there any need to have 3g/edge turned on at all for this process? I would like to download JuiceDefender via WiFi and install in airplane mode. I have a non-AT&T sim with no data plan in my phone and any I/O other than WiFi and voice/sms is very expensive, hence not feasible (I'm overseas).

  20. dseps

    dseps Lurker

    Oh I see that JuicdDefender wants a "working mobile data connection"
  21. Endoran

    Endoran Android Enthusiast

    I don't see why there is not a widget that will toggle "3G" to "2G". This threads title is misleading as someone else mentioned. I just wanted to say it again because I want what your title actually says.
  22. dododoh

    dododoh Newbie

    OMG! Archvile, newbie says, "THANKS"!!!!!
  23. dseps

    dseps Lurker

    So I turned on Bluetooth to connect my phone to the car and the next thing I know, 3g is on and I've had a lot of (very expensive) data xfer.

    Any ideas, other than to keep Bluetooth disabled?
  24. cgriffin

    cgriffin Lurker

    You can also get EasySwitch.
  25. TonuStark

    TonuStark Newbie

    I, just yesterday, had my $15/month fee dropped from my service by calling at&t's customer support. Don't use there customer sales, they were useless. While talking to the CS gal she offered a $10/month UNLIMITED data plan per phone instead of the $15! This only works on a family plan with shared data. Shared data is nothing more then unlimited texting for all phones on the plan. I opt for a second choice from her of pay per use ($2/min) and I am blocking data use until needed. Hope this helps

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