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Tips How to (almost) never run out of internal space again

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gangreless, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Gangreless

    Gangreless Newbie
    Thread Starter
    Dec 9, 2011

    Dec 9, 2011
    Also available on the Area 51 Forums

    What does it do?

    Allows rooted phones to place any non-system (built-in) app to the sd card. There is
    even a setting to automatically install to sd card. For those apps that cannot be moved
    to the sd card (apps with widgets, for example), this method will move the apk, dex,
    and lib files to the sd card (including the dalvik-cache). Tl;dr: Leaves
    you with a ton of internal storage.

    What do you mean by "a ton of internal storage"?

    I was able to install all apps I had previously, in addition to all the apps I had installed
    at one point, but had to uninstall to make room for other apps. And I still have 61MB
    of storage available.

    How do I perform this technological miracle?

    I'm glad you asked. First you will partition your sd card, then you will install Link2Sd.
    That's it...basically. You'll open Link2Sd, pick some options and then you're pretty
    much done.

    Step-by-Step Instructions (RTFM)

    Step 1 Back up your SD card

    Partitioning will format your SD card so if you want to keep anything, back it up.
    I just copied the files I wanted to my desktop as I wanted a fresh start with the apps,
    this is what I suggest doing, but you can use Titanium Backup to do a complete
    backup, if you like.

    Step 2 Partition your SD card

    This step can be a bit tricky. The easiest way is to just use Clockwork Recovery Mod.
    If you have a custom AreaRom, you should already have Clockwork. If you have the
    new Gingerbread Rom, simply hold down the power button
    and choose Recovery from the menu. Otherwise, from a powered off phone, go in to
    Recovery mode by holding down "volume up" + "camera" + "power" buttons until
    the phone comes on.

    Using the volume buttons, go down to "advanced" and click camera button to select.
    Now go down to "Partition SD Card". Now you can select the size of the partition.
    This is the partition that will store the apps and caches and will be inaccessible to you
    for user files. I have a 4GB sd card and I chose 1024M for this partition. This will be
    plenty for me and still allow me space to store personal documents on the sd card. If
    you have a 2GB, you may want to choose 1024M as well, just to make sure you don't
    run out of room. DO NOT choose the bottom option, which is your entire card. Click
    the camera button to make your selection.

    At the "Swap Size" screen, choose the first option, 0M. Warning: There's
    no going back from here.
    Click the camera button to partition your sd card.

    Now you should be back at the Advanced and Debugging Menu, click the back button
    on your phone to go back to the main menu, then choose Reboot System Now.
    Clockword Mod will come up again, choose Reboot System Now again.

    Step 3 Install Link2SD

    You can find it in the market here.
    You should also read through the author's description on the market.

    Step 4 Open Link2SD

    Open up the Link2SD app on your phone. If your sd card is partitioned, a menu will
    come up telling you to "Select the file system of your SD card's second partition"
    If this menu does not come up, your sd card was not partitioned and you need to
    go through Step 2 again. Now this part can be a bit annoying. It seems random which
    option on the menu works. I've done this 3 times and it's been different every time.
    Start with ext2 and see if that works, if not, exit Link2SD, go back in and try a
    different option. Just go down the list until it works. It will then ask you to restart.
    Press ok and reboot your phone.

    Step 5 Customize Link2SD

    With your phone rebooted, go back to Link2SD. Now when it opens you should get
    the What's new? screen. Click ok. (or Donate, if you're feeling generous, it really is
    an awesome app.)

    Now the fun part, customizing. This is what I did and it is what will give you the most
    free space with minimal effort on your part.

    Link dalvik-cache files: Select the menu button on your phone and click More.
    Select Link dalvik-cache files. This will move the dalvik-cache files to the sd card.

    From this More menu, you can also clean up the dalvik-cache, which will delete files
    you don't need, clean up the partition, and clear all app caches.

    Customize ALL the things!

    Click menu again and this time select settings and do the following:
    1. Check "Auto link"
    2. Click "Auto link settings"
    - Make sure all three boxes are checked.
    3. Uncheck "Auto link notification" (or leave it checked if you want
    the notifications, it got annoying for me)
    4. Click "Install location"
    - Choose "External" - this will automatically install all new apps
    that can be to the sd card. You will need to move apps that
    have widgets back to the phone storage manually.

    Leave everything else as is.

    Customize apps
    If you have any non-system apps (that is, apps that were not preinstalled),
    you need to move them or link them to the sd card. Select the app from
    the list in Link2SD. Move them if possible. If not possible to move, then you
    will want to select "Create link". This will move the dalvik-caches, data, etc...
    for this app to the sd card.

    Miscellaneous Questions

    What apps can I move?

    Almost all of them. Widgets still will not work if you move the app to the card, but
    you can still link the data files. I had no problem moving Alarm Clock Plus, even
    though it says it won't work if you move it (take that!). I have my keyboard,
    SwiftKey X on the sd card. I've had no issues moving things that require root.

    If you have any other questions, you can ask them here or find me in AreaRom chat room. Have fun with all your new storage space!

    ~ Gangreless ~


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  2. Gangreless

    Gangreless Newbie
    Thread Starter
    Dec 9, 2011

    Dec 9, 2011
    Note: You should check Link2SD often to ensure your apps are actually being installed to the sd and not just being linked. It usually works fine, but sometimes it will just link them.

    As part of this tutorial, I did a factory reset and went through these steps. I have installed the following :

    Alarm Clock Plus
    App 2 SD Free
    Applanet Market
    Amazon Appstore
    Beautiful Widgets
    Bejeweled 2
    Bonsai Blast
    Documents To Go
    Dolphin Browser HD
    Elixir Widget
    Endomondo Pro
    Enhanced Email
    Eve of the Genesis
    ezPDF Reader
    Farm Frenzy
    Game Dev Story
    Greatest Little War Game
    Go Launcher Ex
    Go SMS Pro
    Google Search
    Google TV Remote
    Guns n Glory
    HD Widgets
    Jelly Defense
    Juice Defender/JD Ultimate
    Muffin Knight
    My Daily Free Amazon App
    Quisr Pro
    Reddit News Free
    Robo Defense
    Root Explorer
    Sketchbook Mobile Pro
    Sentinel 3
    SwiftKey X
    The Sims 33
    Titanium Backup
    TuneIn Radio Pro
    Uno Free
    Wifi Tether
    uTorrent Remote

    ... and counting!

    and according to the stock Android app manager, I have 109MB used and 51MB free!
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  3. wheeldroid

    wheeldroid Lurker
    Apr 4, 2012

    Apr 4, 2012
    I posted this issue in aa51 but never got a response.

    The first time I tried this I followed the instructions and when I got to the other side of the reboot I was staring at a fresh install of Arearom 2.3 but with an extra gig of internal storage. All of my settings, apps, contacts, all of it all gone.... as long as the SD card was plugged in. I booted the phone without the chip in and everything was back to normal except with no sd card and no extra ROM. I plugged the sd card into my computer and reformatted it. Moved all the stuff I backed up beforehand back onto it, put it back into the phone, fired it up and everything was like it was before I decided to trick my phone into thinking it had more ROM.

    A couple of weeks go by, I get tired of always having no internal storage so I try again and the same thing happens. I figure it's the CWM ****ing it all up so I partition the chip myself on my laptop, plug it back into the phone and it doesn't see the extra part. I installed link2sd and tried to configure it when it throws up an error saying it can't make the mount script because it's already busy or not there.

    I seriously want to break this phone. What am I supposed to do to get this to work?
  4. Deepfried

    Deepfried Member
    Feb 28, 2012

    Feb 28, 2012
    I honestly am stumped. My cwm parition went great.
  5. Rukbat

    Rukbat Android Expert
    Jan 16, 2012

    Jan 16, 2012
    Being retired and writing Tasker tasks.
    Fayetteville, NC, USA
    When you repartition the SD, you lose everything on it. (When you repartition any drive, if you don't make sure that the repartitioning takes existing data into account, you lose everything.) What you should have done is back up all your apps (you can use Astro - then copy the apk files you create to your computer), repartition, install Gingerbread, copy the apk files back to the phone and install them. (They'll install to the SD card.) I've used as much as 2GB of an SD card with no problem - Cyanogen seems to choke on anything over 1GB. (And even though I'm a software junkie, I haven't come close to filling up that 2GB of "internal" space.)
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