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How to avoid bricking Avant that's in 'odin mode'.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NimChimpsky, Aug 3, 2016.

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    I see that there is odin for Mac and i'm going to try it out. Unfortunately, I can't see how to delete this post.

    I have an Avant from MetroPCS that I have been using as a wi-fi device, without phone service. I have not previously done anything to it, like rooting, but was looking into the possibilities. I wanted to start by installing a recovery -- TWRP or CWM.

    Out of curiosity, I booted into recovery. I wound up with a screen that has eight lines of text at the top, starting with
    and ending with
    But then there's the android avatar and underneath:
    > Downloading...
    > Do not turn off target!!

    Apparently, there's nothing unusual about any of this, except that the Avant is not connected to anything from which to download anything. So,

    1) Is there anything to do to get out of this safely without connecting to a computer? Also, will anything bad happen if I leave the Avant plugged into a charger, or not plugged into anything, for hours or days?

    2) If I need to use a computer, does it have to be a Windows PC running Odin and not a Mac or Chromebook running adb or whatever? I can borrow a Windows PC if necessary, but I'm a novice using them.

    Any related suggestions, including in the form of links to concise explanations, would be appreciated.

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