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Feb 26, 2013
Q1. How to backup Samsung Notes app data to PC? (phone is faulty unstable dying soon, need to backup to PC first then restore backup to new phone)

Q2. Does Google account backup Samsung Notes app data to Google account by default?

Q3. How to set Google account to backup Samsung Notes?

I do not use Samsung Cloud, I only found guides that backup Samsung notes to Samsung cloud. e.g. https://www.samsung.com/za/support/...d-device-to-a-new-device-using-samsung-cloud/

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When I upgraded from a Samsung Note 10 to a S21 Ultra all of my Samsung Notes were moved by using Samsung Smart Switch. The app must be installed on both phones. Good luck.

Does samsung note work in phone without spen? Old phone Note8, new phone A32 (no spen).