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How to best adjust widescreen movies for Tbolt?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JnEricsonx, Jun 1, 2011.

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    I have Handbrake, and DVD Catalyst, but not all my movies necessarily in their Widescreen form natively FIT the entire TBolt screen, which is kind of annoying because it is a widescreen, as it is, some, the movie image, unless "fit to screen" adjusted, only fills the space between the Home button, and the Search button, leaving a good I'd say 35% of the screen or more in black bars. Now, if there's no way, I'll take the lumps, but I have to figure when you put something on a IPOD its pre-set to avoid such a happening?

  2. Usta

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    Videos can have different Aspect Ratios (AR), and black bars which all can be a cause of such issues.
    Handbrake is useful up to a point in cropping black bars, but for better work you can check out Xmedia Recode. You can select a ready preset for your phone, and in the tab Filters/Preview you can experiment with resolution, AR and black borders.
    Since many things depend on the source video, it is perhaps best to use a 5min sample with different settings until you fined the best one.
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  3. Yep, it has to do with aspect ratio. If you want the video to fill the entire screen, you have to options. One, stretch the video vertically to fill, which will obviously make everything look stretched. Or two, zoom and crop to fill, with obviously you will lose some video on the left and right.

    The best thing to do, is scale the width of the video to meet your phone's screen width, and deal with the black bars. They are there for a reason, to keep the video looking like it should, so you dont stretch or lose video.

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