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How to bring"Move app to SD card" option hidden missing in android 5.1.1 app2sd link2sd giving error

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kumaranil13k, Sep 26, 2021.

  1. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    Question :-.How to bring"Move app to SD card" option hidden missing in android 5.1.1 app2sd link2sd giving error?

    I have two mobiles of same company with different model **both having same os android 5.1.1** sharing below screenshot of about phone of both mobiles

    Lyf water 7 ls 5004 about phone


    Lyf wind 6 ls 5009 about phone


    But one of the mobile model Lyf wind 6 ls-5009 (with 8gb internal memory) is showing "Move to SD card" option in setting apps but another mobile model Lyf water 7 ls 5504 (internal memory 16gb) one is missing locked not showing option for same app "move to sd card" may be locked by OEM. Screenshot of same app settings for both mobile option pasted below.

    Lyf wind 6 ls 5009 app info (move to sd card option available)



    Lyf water 7 ls 5504 app info (move to sd card missing)



    My queries

    1. How to unlock unhide view or see the same option "move to sd" in another model lyf water 7 of android 5.1.1 by modifying the settings through any adb shell fastboot or terminal with or without rooting the mobile.

    2. I tried app manager III or app2sd or link2sd apps on unrooted and rooted mobile to do the same but all fails to move the apps. All apps when move to sd option clicked they open take me open same dialogue box window to originals settings>app>appinfo option to move apps ( as shown in screenshot above) and there no option of move app to sd

    Link2sd when app moved to move to sd it gave following error and link to sd is grayed out (Link2SD is grayed out because no partition mounted into /data/sdext2 how to mount) and disabled and not working (even on rooted phone)

    Code (Text):
    1. Failure
    3. pkg: /data/app/
    4. com.gmail.heagoo.sdcardmovable-1/
    5. base.apk Failure
    7. ATION]


    pkg: /data/app/
    base.apk Failure



    3. I tried adb shell pm set-install-location 2 in rooted mobile it's changed succesfully but still apps installed through Google Play Store or apkpure do not installs automatically to external sd card they still installing in internal storage not

    3. I know all apps are not movable as their app mainfest don't allow I had tried to edit apk editor default prefered install location to external still same app without editing the app is moving to sd card in one mobile and no option of moving not showing option in another mobile with same android 5.1.1 same app same kernal version same.company but different models it means there is some setting lock or change how can we modify or unlock that option .

    4. Any more setting I can alter to get the result of moving apps to sd card on my lyf water 7 ls 5504.Any adb shell command. I don't know if its locked in rom or hardware incompatibility then will 3rd party custom rom available in xda may be android 6.03 or android 7.1.1 or android 8,9,10 will allow or have such option and work in the same mobile or not

    5. If there is any hardware or rom uncompatibilty or lock by manufacturer or vendor I am worried if I install custom rom of android 6.0.3 marshemellow or android 7.1.1 then will they have such option or not to move app to sd or to format as as internal in both custom rom

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    first off the move to sd card does not completely move the apps to the card. it mostly moves data and does not really save you room on your phone.

    second if apps2sd or link2sd does not work......i'm not sure there is anything else you can do with this phone, other than to get a new phone as i suggested many times in your other threads.
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  3. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @ocnbrze bro thankx for your reply and sharing your precious time advice opinion and time.

    @ocnbrze bro yes move to sd move partial files as hex odb and lib cache don't move as they are used randomly and placed in internal and less frequent used is moved to sd card which is good. As moving more frequent used files will make phone slower as random read and write speed of micro ad is slower than internal rom so it's good if it rear on internal and it's good if few space is moved to external not all.

    @ocnbrze bro yes app2sd and link2sd is giving eroor but what I found that after googling the eroor of link2sd on xda forum someone else query link share below that the vendor manufacturer have programmed and changed the external sd card drive mount name change and it link2sd can't found /data/sdext2 mounted by this name so is there any way to mount with any script in boot.int though app or some tools in rooted phone


    @ocnbrze bro yes you have suggested I am planning and waiting for Amazon sale on year end Christmas and.diwali festival in India to get samsung galaxy m31 or 42 5g but want to use the old lyf mobiles for apps testing R&D to keep selective apps and files on the samsung new set and tear try multiple apps websites on lyf mobiles . So I need space to test and move and edit apps to the external sd card to old mobiles. It will help me learning education for android troubleshooting to..secondly I want in samsung mobiles to see if they support adoptable storage. Or move to sd bcoz I want to keep my internal tidy and keep apps files on cloud or external and keep atleaar 2-4 gb free space on internal memory for urgent and fast working and external to save NANDROID or apps or videos ..as I want to do video editing and graphic designing ono mobile to ...an handy short video graphic designing work let's see
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    I can tell you now Samsung devices don't support adoptable storage, well not without rooting and suitable custom ROMs, and/or any of the methods you've already tried with your present phone. Also when choosing a phone for what you want to do, check that it can be rooted and that is has a good developer community....
    NO devs = NO fun.
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  5. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    i think a burner phone would be better than your off brand phone for rooting purposes or even for app testing.

    with technology....you get what you pay for.

    i think you are wasting your time trying to make the phone into something it is not.
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  6. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @mikedt bro thanx for your reply and sharing for your precious time knowledge opinion experience and suggestion to obliged greatful and thanks a lot

    @mikedt bro thanx a lot... kindly advice suggest Which brand smartphone and which model except samsung in indian market have android version which supports adoptable storage, force app to external storage, move app to sd card with 128gb internal memory 6gb ram and 6000mah battery and 64mega pixel quad camera and octa+octa core processors bro oppo, vivo, oneplus, realme, xaiomi or any which have good devloper community custom rom and plus features and mostly app movable features adoptable storage and bootloader OEM can be unlocked
  7. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @ocnbrze bro what burner phone means is it some brand or feature or category
  8. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

  9. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @ocnbrze bro I think type or rental phone I don't think this concept.is in India people will prefer cheper Chinese smart phone then paying rent for it..
  10. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    It is not really that way.

    A 'burner phone' is a phone that is usually locked to a single cellular provider for a year or so.
    The phone is bought at a great discount because of this.

    In this way, a person with little money can have a decent phone.

    You do not really rent it, but pay for minutes/data periodically.

    After the year or so is up, you can have the provider unlock the device for you.

    The drawbacks are that these devices are usually 1-3 model years old, and so by the time the term is up they are even more out of date.

    The good news is that you can buy one and never pay for anything more if you only use the device on Wi-Fi.
    #10 puppykickr, Sep 27, 2021
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2021
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  11. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @ocnbrze bro okay but in India I don't think cellular companies provide such service they sell Chinese phone with their brand name I have to purchased 5 year before this mobile lyf water 7 (the mobile device I asked in question)from Jio India as they were giving free unlimited 4gb as launching offer for first 6 moths but mobile config is no ot much but they cost high 8k -12k
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