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How to buzz/ring phone for 1 gmail addr but not others **when in silent mode**??

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by hydrostarr, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. hydrostarr

    hydrostarr Newbie
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    Am seeking a means to buzz/ring my Samsung Android/Touchwiz phone for 1 gmail addr but not others **when in silent mode**. ie, before I go to bed I want to "shut off my ringer" with the hardware switch (hold down the 'low volume' key until ringer is "shut off") so that regular phone calls/text msgs don't ring the phone. BUT, in this state, want one particular email address (eg: hydrostarr.urgent at gmail.com) to be able to STILL ring and vibrate LOUDLY.

    Main purpose: I want to sleep thru regular late-night callers/texters, but want to get awakened by something urgent/critical (particularly for my business and/or if there's a family emergency). If there's another means/method/mechanism to do this, I'm open to it. (Thought about a dedicated pager... but they get expensive for nationwide coverage, etc.)


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