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How to cast live programming from tablet app to Roku/TV

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by bill33021, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. bill33021

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    I don't know where else to ask for help. Trying to
    access TV shows and movies based in Western Europe
    requires proxy servers or VPN's (and a PC). I have
    found many android apps that can provide live
    streaming to my android tablet that gets around the
    geo-locking that exists when you try using a PC to
    access the European content. With a PC you have to
    use a browser and deal with the inherent issues.
    With the android apps, I get TV quality streaming
    with no brower and PC issues.
    Here is my problem. All the casting apps for
    android use some type of browser technology just
    like the PC (Twonky Beam). I am looking for an app
    that can take whatever is streaming on my tablet
    window (no matter which app I use to get the
    streaming) and send it to my Roku 3.
    Anyone know of such an app?
    I am looking for an app that can cast my android
    screen to a Roku box. Most apps like Twonky Beam
    use a http location. But I have apps that provide
    live streaming to my tablet. When I click on the
    share button watching my live stream, there is
    nothing that can cast it to my Roku box.

    My streaming apps allow me to watch European TV
    live with no geolocking. But I cant get it to my
    Roku thus my TV.


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