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How to Change Boot Animation / Boot Sound

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kwknott, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. kwknott

    kwknott Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Since rooting my phone I went ahead and changed my boot animation and got rid of the boot sound since they irritated me. Just a little tutorial if anyone else wants to change theirs.

    Things you need:
    1. Root
    2. Root Enabled File Manager
    3. New Boot Animation - Should be MDPI resolution - 480 x 320dpi
    4. New Boot Sound If you Want to Change It - MP3 about 10 - 15 seconds - Should be some tutorials online to help you make a 10 to 15 second mp3

    *I always recommend a nandroid backup of a phone before messing with system files but since we don't yet have cwm recovery we can't really do that. If you decide to try this be careful that you don't delete or rename the wrong files and I take no responsibility if you do.

    Boot Animation
    1. Using your file manager browse to system > media
    2. You will see a file called bootanimation.zip. Rename it to bootanimation.bak
    3. Browse to your sdcard to the location of your new boot animation
    4. Rename your new boot animation to bootanimation.zip if it isn't already
    5. Copy the new boot animation to system > media
    6. Reboot and Enjoy

    If you ever want to change back to stock boot animation delete the bootanimation.zip and rename the bootanimation.bak back to .zip and your set to go

    Boot Sound
    1. Using your file manager browse to system > sounds > poweron
    2. Rename the file PowerOn.mp3 to PowerOn.bak
    *If you just want to disable the power on sound you can stop here.
    3. Browse to the location of the mp3 you want as your new boot sound.
    4. Rename it to PowerOn.mp3
    5. Copy it to system > sounds > poweron
    6. Reboot and enjoy

    * Linux is case sensitive so the boot animation must be bootanimation.zip all lowercase and the power on sound must be PowerOn.mp3 with uppercase P and O

    Here are a few places you can get boot animations. Some of these are flashable zip's meant to be flashed in recovery but just extract the zips and copy the boot animation from the system > media folders in the zip file

    [26 MAR][MOD][PORT] Massive Bootanimation Repository !! - xda-developers

    [Boot Animation] [12/04/11] A Huge Collection of Boots ~ Updated - xda-developers

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  2. ktb83

    ktb83 Android Enthusiast

    Good stuff.

    If anybody is interested, I'll help some of you convert short video clips to bootanimation.zip format. Also, Animated GIFs are fairly easy to convert for this purpose.

    Here are the stock bootanimation.zip and PowerOn.mp3 files. If you create your own, you should probably aim for a similar number of frames and length, respectively.

    60 Frames (numbered 00000.jpg -> 00059.jpg)
    Each image is 320px (width) x 480px (height)
    320 480 30
    p 0 0 part0
    p 0 0 part1

    Sample Rate: 48000 Hz
    Media Duration: 00:00:04.104
    Size: 160.69 KB

    And here are some quick ones I did for my phone.

    This is a rip-off of an HTC "quietly brilliant" Honeycomb bootanimation:
    60 Frames (numbered 00000.jpg -> 00059.jpg)
    Each image is 320px (width) x 480px (height)
    320 480 15
    p 1 0 part0

    This is a clip of Yes - Starship Trooper (Live at Wembly Arena 10-28-1978):
    Sample Rate: 22050 Hz
    Media Duration: 00:00:06.556
    Size: 43.68 KB
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  3. Android311

    Android311 Android Enthusiast

    Let the fun begin! :D
  4. BliND123

    BliND123 Member

    What are you guys using to change these files? I can see them in FileExpert but it tells me I can't rename either of those files.

    Edit: I was able to rename the files with X-plore but can't move my new ones in.
  5. kwknott

    kwknott Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Try root browser lite from the market. Works good to move files to system
  6. BliND123

    BliND123 Member

    :p I must have not been using it right or missed something in the settings, been trying a few different apps and currently ES File Explorer is working after changing some things in its settings.

    Should I be able to edit those files with Root Browser Lite?
  7. kwknott

    kwknott Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes. If you have es working you can use that. You probably needed to turn on root settings.

    The only reason I recommends root browser lite is that it detects root on first run and enables root functions for you.

    Either one will work fine
  8. ktb83

    ktb83 Android Enthusiast

    I find it easiest to edit or create bootanimimation.zip files on a PC. I usually use WinRAR, but other file compression software will work also (such as 7-Zip and others).

    If you are creating your own bootanimation for the first time or simply want to edit an existing one, I recommend starting with the stock bootanimation.zip or the one you've chosen.

    Open the archive in your software of choice (WinRAR, 7-Zip) and you'll see a folder named part0, sometimes a second folder named part1 or more if the animation has two or more sequences (dividing them up this way can be helpful if you want to add pauses and loop certain sequences, but not others). These folders contain the frames (images) for each part of the animation. These images will be named in sequential order - something like 00000.jpg, 00001.jpg, 00002.jpg, etc.

    In the root of the archive, along side this/these folder(s), will be a txt file named desc.txt. This text file contains the definition/configuration for the bootanimation.

    Here is the contents of an example desc.txt followed by an explanation:
    320 480 30
    p 1 30 part0
    p 0 0 part1

    The first line:
    320 - sets the width
    480 - sets the height
    30 - sets the frame rate in frames per second (fps)

    The second line defines a part of the animation and is specific to a single folder in the archive):
    p - stands for part and defines the first part of the animation in this case.
    1 - means to play this part once.
    30 - this is the length of a pause on the last frame of this part, expressed in a number frames and is dependent on the frame rate defined in the first line (in this case, 1 sec = 30/30).
    part0 - the name of the folder where this sequence of images is located.

    The third line defines a second part of the animation and is specific to a single folder in the archive):
    p - stands for part and defines the second part of the animation in this case.
    0 - means to loop this part indefinitely (until the phone boots).
    0 - this is the length of a pause on the last frame of this part, expressed in a number of frames and is dependent on the frame rate defined in the first line (in this case, no pause).
    part1 - the name of the folder where this sequence of images is located.

    When adding or replacing images or the desc.txt to/in a bootanimation.zip file, be sure to set the Compression Level to "Store" (no compression).
  9. Dark One

    Dark One Android Expert

    This is the "Sci-Fi Android" boot animation from the thread in the OP. Pretty cool IMO!
  10. BliND123

    BliND123 Member

    Found a bunch of gifs in this thread http://forum.sdx-developers.com/?topic=13702.0, thought the downloads came out the same (Droid Eye specifically) gif in 320x480, but download is 256x256. How do you guys convert the gifs to png/jpg?

    Edit: Well, searched for a while and couldn't find the right one anywhere...so I am currently making it. Used http://toolson.net/ to extract all the frames (201 frames!) Trying to trim off as many unneeded frames as possible (the loop will make it right, no need for doubles). I had some trouble with just editing the desc.txt on an already made boot animation from the link in the first post earlier, but hopefully one I put together myself works out. LOL

    For those interested, I am converting this one:

    Will add download link in a few minutes (also going to include a little dubstep clip I thought sounded right for this) working or not, might need some help.

    Edited: Broken bootanimation deleted, here is working version download link:
  11. disparaissant

    disparaissant Newbie

    here's one i made today because i am a giant nerd
    its not the best but it made my day
    and here's the zip
  12. WhisperPntr

    WhisperPntr Well-Known Member

    Killed my bootanimation a while back and will likely delve into modding the rle boot animations after we get recovery and an overclocking kernel.
  13. BliND123

    BliND123 Member

    I have no idea what I did wrong with my boot animation (only difference I see is zip size) but I used this [09.06.2012][TOOL]Boot Animation Factory-Create,Preview and Manage Boot Animations - xda-developers opened my folders with it, same settings in the desc.txt, saved with this program, now it's working great!

    New link to the bootanimation, delete my boot sound if you want. :p

    Edit: Found some more frames I didn't notice were duplicates, reuploaded, here is new link:

  14. Ranhead

    Ranhead Android Enthusiast

    Sorry, I'm a little late to the party .... just rooted my phone :D But ... I like the R2D2 animation. So I made a mp3 for it. If anyone wants it, HERE it is. The animation was 20 seconds long, so that's how long I made the mp3. And if you want the animation. CLICKY

    EDIT: I forgot to mention. I used an online R2D2 translator ... He is saying "I'm loving my LG Optimus Elite on Virgin Mobile" .... yeah I got WAY into this :D
  15. byronbfd

    byronbfd Lurker

    I followed you'r instruction and changed my boot animation (thanks alot for helping with that) but when I went to change the PowerOn.mp3 its not there. There is no sound folder and another forum I read said it was on the etc folder but its not there either I looked through every folder no where to be seen. I don;t think I had any sound since I bought it brand new though.

    If it matters I rooted it and am running cm9.

    Any help would be very helpful.
  16. Artine

    Artine Android Expert

    I.... have no idea how you're running cm9 on an OE, but alright.

    Under normal circumstances:

    Under /system, there should be a sounds folder. If not, create it.
    There should be four folders under the /system/sounds directory, which are:


    (Make sure that /system is mounted as RW [re-writable] and not Read Only [RO].) If they don't exist, try creating them. All spelled exactly as typed above (Android is picky about upper and lowercase).

    And finally, under poweron there should be PowerOn.mp3, which can be replaced and/or renamed and/or deleted entirely.


    Unfortunately, you'll need to peruse the Cyanogen forums unless someone here knows where the files are located, as in CM builds the files are re-located to different directories, /etc being one of them.
  17. byronbfd

    byronbfd Lurker

    Oh wow I was so tired and my friend sent me this link I didn't even look that is was for the wrong device I have the samsung galaxy player 5.0.
    I am so sorry for the post, but it did help with changing my bootanimation.[​IMG]
  18. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert

    pretty good tut. worked like a charm. thanks :)
  19. extirpate326

    extirpate326 Newbie

    I'm using RazrMaxx with ArcticHD Rom. The layout for the settings here have never shown, even prior to ICS. I use Root Expl. For me, I always go to system, then media. You'll see bootanimation.zip. That's pretty self explanatory. If you're changing the boot animation just rename your animation to bootanimation.zip and paste it into this folder (media). Rename old to bootanimation.zip.bak or move it to an external folder on your SD for safe keeping. For the boot audio, Its listed in the same system/media folder. It's labeled droidhd.ogg. All you need to do is take the audio you want for your boot and place it in this folder. Do same as animation and rename file to droidhd.ogg. Rename stock to droidhd.ogg.bak or move to external folder for safe keeping. I love mario and downloaded the theme song. Renamed file to droidhd.ogg and it worked beautifully. I've got a smooth ArcticHD animation with Mario theme playing. Woot. Hope this helped anyone having trouble finding the files as posted.
  20. dupek

    dupek Member

    I was playing with the boot animation and made my own. You can download from Index of /bootdroid. It is 2 file. One htc_bootanimation.zip and htc_downanimation.zip. Depend on rom you have - you my have to rename the files. On my Sense 4.1 - both files goes to /system/customize/resource. The downanimation need to have permittions set. Have a fun. You can open the files and change the picture to your own.
  21. bobbyknievel

    bobbyknievel Lurker

    I am using root browser lite and when I try to rename the droidhd.ogg with the ".bak", I keeps telling me that operation failed. Same error message again when i try to just move the original file out of the "media" folder. I have my RAZR rooted as evidence from being able to use it as a hot spot. I can't figure out what's wrong. I am trying to use a Transformers sound that I found and also a cyan colored stock animation. Please help in this matter if you can.
  22. Artine

    Artine Android Expert

    Check your Superuser or SuperSU app and make sure that the status for Root Browser Lite is set to "Grant/Approve," not Prompt or Deny.
  23. bobbyknievel

    bobbyknievel Lurker

    When I went to superuser, the root browser lite app isn't in there and I dont know how to add it. I looked for it sqlite editor too but couldn't find there it either. I really have only used my root for the hotspot function until now. I want to start taking full advantage of my root but I'm still a rookie when it comes to all of the technical aspects of all of this. Thank in advance for any help you can give me in these matters.
  24. Dark One

    Dark One Android Expert

  25. bobbyknievel

    bobbyknievel Lurker

    I already have file manager but it seems that I need the enable root explorer within that app. When I go to the settings in file manager to do that, it tells me that I need to be rooted. I am rooted but it basically tells me that I'm not rooted. I'm about to just give up.

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