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How to change Boot Animation on ZTE Force 4G LTE

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sonicbluemustang, Jul 13, 2013.

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    How to change Boot Animation on ZTE Force 4G LTE

    This should not be attempted by noobs or anyone not familiar with editing system files. your on your own so don't blame me if your phone blows up or the catches on fire or your stuck in a boot loop of any kind. Make a nandroid dude!

    Since the Force is a multi-carrier specific device they created three different boot animations and put all three on the same phone Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. You will find these three files located in the System/Media directory or folder. They will be named bootanimation_sprint.zip or bootanimation_boost.zip orbootanimation_virgin.zip. Normally you would find the boot animation in the data/local directory but in this case it is actually in the system/media directory. Not sure if Boot Changer on the market will work on the Force. I don't like to install crap on my phone and since this is different than normal droids it may not work.

    Download a boot animation that you like from a reputable site of your choice, the norm in size is 480x800 and work well for me. Most likely many will come in a zip file that can be flashed from your Custom Recovery. However they will not work properly because they won't flash to the correct directory on the Force nor will they be named properly. If you download a flashable zip you can possibly extract the bootanimation.zip from the flashable zip file then install it manually.

    HOW TO:
    1-You must be Rooted and preferably have a Custom Recovery. Create a Nandroid backup first.
    2-Now you need a File Explorer that will gain root privileges such as ES File Explorer or Root Browser.
    3-Navigate your way to the System/Media directory and either copy your carrier specific boot animation zip to a safe place or simply rename it from bootanimation_sprint.zip to bootanimation_sprint.zip.bak since I am on Sprint that is my animation.
    4-Copy your new boot animation to the System/Media directory then rename it to....yes bootanimation_sprint.zip.
    Save it by hitting the back key and your done. Reboot.
    Google Android Bootanimations there be a lot of them out there. :D

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    if you just rename "bootanimation_[your carrier].zip to "bootanimation_[your carrier].zip.bak and don't set any other animation you'll get the stock android animation. it looks pretty cool.

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