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How to check secure mobile permissions from spy and auto malfunctions

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by kumaranil13k, Sep 11, 2021.

  1. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Question How to check secure mobile permissions from spy and auto malfunctions

    I am installing r&d with advertising 300-400 video apps to test and try and check which works good on my android app.

    Many of the app auto install some more free promoted apps or auto Play videos or auto change wallpapers the screensavers of my phone.

    The major issue is that they reside memory and drain battery and created junks in memory

    I have android 5.1 in one mobile and android 6.0 on another the android 6.0 asks for many permission to allow it or not but I think android 5.0 don't have permission feature

    Now my major concern is that while testing the aps don't auto upload any banking or password or spy any personal data .

    Now my queries are

    1. How to stop the apps to auto change wallpper screensaver or themes or auto installing apps. By which permission do they do this and how by which security permission app I can restrict such actions to any app

    2. How to test check all AAP's in a go if any app is leaking spying any secret info which permission can we stop so that they can't take any saved passwords or accounts forms info or even any personal data photo or call or screen recorders

    3. Is there any free or paid online site or apps which we can test or check the apps which are draining spying or unssecure which is spying info or may be harmful or may be for softwares

    4. Which permissions can be restricted to stop spying of mobile or forms information either by locking through password or encrypting tools.

    5. what if any app is growing on auto residing on ram or draining mobile resources how to find and stop such apps

    6. How to find stop apps auto ads videos or any auto emailing or auto messaging or auto functions

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert


    Do not continue to haphazardly download apps and run them!

    Especially from a 5.1 (Lollipop) device.
    Way too old to be secure, and no way to block individual permissions of apps.

    I avoided the entire 6. (Marshmallow) series of devices.

    7 (Nougat) series is better, but to be honest I would not trust security on any but the newest devices.

    Any app that has advertisements is a security risk.

    Especially apps that download more junk that you do not ask for or want.

    Avoid these apps at all costs, they have no place on your device- especially if security is a concern.

    Tell us what kind of apps you want, what you want them to do, and let's see what we can come up with.

    Those of us here have experience with thousands of apps, and multiple app stores of good reputation.

    It is quite possible that one or more of us already knows of a good app that will do what you want it to do in a secure manner.

    If you must download an unknown app from an unknown appstore (I avoid Google Play Store, and do not trust many apps from there), I highly recommend using a firewall to ensure that the app(s) cannot access the internet before you have a chance to check them out.

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  3. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    @puppykickr bro thanx for honest detailed and quick reply thanks for sharing your precious time and precious knowledge greatful to you

    @puppykickr bro does you mean that android 7,8,9,10 are 100% securable fullproof and not spyble cannot be hackable and cannot be infected with malware. As per vesion I saw android 5.1 to be infected more whereas android 6 ask me for permissions while using software first time... Kindly suggest me for future purchase which android version is full proof and secure.

    @puppykickr bro thanks a lot for suggesting to stop using apps and I am grateful to know that you are anxious to advice suggest help others for apps. But as now all government study job money all kind of utilities are build in apps nad there are lakhs tons of app categories utilities easy procedures to do through apps then lengthy manual or PC software procedures so it difficult to ask all as many vary from country to country to and obliged grateful and thankful to you

    As I lost job from 2 years due to corona pandemic and not finding new job I am currently finding followoing categories apps if you can suggest if any

    1. Job finding in my city in India
    2. Freelancing apps
    3. Money earning apps
    4. YouTube tiktok shiort video downloading apps
    5. YouTube video uploading streaming video creators promitions booters apps
    6. facebook whatsapp bulk posting liking digital marketing tools
    7. Facebook whatsapp data scrapping mining tools
    8. Bulk sms bulk messaging in fabook whatsapp apps
    9. Digital marketing tools and apps

    @puppykickr yes bro I use pure apk appstore as it installs apps on internally
    Formatted external micro sd card and first download installers in download folder which later we can use to install. But other app stores are not verstile and have less apps as per Google Play. as name suggest pure apk soni use thinking must be having tested apke installers but don't know autheticity. Can u suggest good best valunerbality free appstore or apps website where we can get tested apps

    @puppykickr bro thanx for firewall as this firewall without root can block the internet permission to it will block sending any info outside from our knowledge but first time using we will not know to grant permission or not is there any way to anaylyze the app or pre check the apk with any coding or spyware malware attached (virus total, hash droid , nvaco apkscan) but they all do individually have to upload one by one apk and test any way to test in bulk.

    same way there are permisson manager or firewall which can block other permissions to through kindly suggest permissions and firewalls or permission mangers through which we can block individually

    1. Firewall or permission managers can block the internet permission to it will block sending any info outside from our knowledge but first time using we will not know to grant permission or not is there any way to anaylyze the app or pre check the apk with any coding or spyware malware attached (virus total, hash droid , nvaco apkscan site linked low have many more ) but they all do individually one by one apk testing have to upload one by one apk and test any way to test in bulk it's huge task to check one by one velunerabiliy of apps


    These have apps to test vluenerability which one u suggest


    2. which app wise permission we can block auto install

    3. Which app wiser permission we can block auto change of.launchers walpapers scren saver of advertisements videon player s auto notification auto advertisments

    4. Which app wise permisson we can block spy activities as Reding capturing passwords or email Facebook ids (any encryption option) be or encrypting blocking some important data in folders

    5. Which app wise permission we can block screen recording or any email Facebook whatsapp contacts list or any spams or call recordings done by spyware to
  4. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    As far as I know, android 9 and 10 and above allow you to control individual permissions for apps.

    Keep in mind that nothing that is online can be 100% secure all the time.

    Your best best is to use FOSS (Free Open Source Software) apps, as they are open for viewing their code- nothing is hidden and if you can read code then you can verify for yourself that the app has nothing to worry about in it.

    This is why I always recommend F-Droid as the first source for any app.


    You will not find most 'brand name' apps there, but you can find many useful alternatives.

    If you are using ApkPure, that is generally ok, although most of the apps are also on Google Play Store as well.
    The issue here is that the apps are uploaded to the store by individuals, and we have to trust that they have not modified the apps in some way.

    Another appstore, one that may have an even better reputation than ApkPure, is UpToDown.
    Although the same issue with the apks being uploaded by different people exists, there is a scanning for malware function if you use the UpToDown app.


    These are the three appstores that I most often frequent, and I cannot say that I have had trouble from any of the apps from them.

    But by far, F-Droid is the most trustworthy place to get apps from.

    Also, if you have the means, it is a great idea to have a device used for testing apps- a device that has absolutely no personal identification at all on it.

    That way you can test all you want, and who cares what crap the apps may try to do.
    The firewall I mentioned has a log, so you can actually see what app is connecting to what IP address and when.

    You can do a search on the IP addresses, to figure out exactly what contacts are being made.

    This can be very revealing, and should influence your decisions as to whether or not to keep and use an app or not.

    Also, that firewall has the ability to block individual IP addresses, so that the app can still make internet connections, just not with IP addresses that have been blocked.

    This is a rather useful tool for blocking ads and other garbage, while maintaining use of an app.
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  5. Davdi

    Davdi Android Expert

    F-Droid is my go to source for FOSS apps too. We're also 100% open source (No Microsoft or Apple here!) Linux for desktops and Laptops. My desktop runs Linux Mint 20.2 and right now is using 1.89Gb (out of 16GB) How much memory would Win10 be using with just Firefox open?
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  6. remote monitoring apps work well on Android phones. Having personally used XNSPY, I didn't find any problems while trying to keep my kids safe while they browse the Internet. The app's social media monitoring was quite reliable and the app worked in stealth mode.
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