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How to clear recent email addresses? D-Inc

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JuniorNA, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys, i've searched for this post and found this post a few times, but no answer.

    This if for the D-Inc btw, I emailed the wrong people a few times.
    for example i used JSmith@aol.com, instead of JSmith@yahoo.com, now whenever i try to email JSmith, i'm getting both AOL and YAHOO emails under recent history for email addresses. Is there a way to clear that ? it's getting very very annoying and i don't see a place to clear recent email history on the droid, anyone have any idea about that ?

    Also, this is a 2 part question, how do we clear search history from google maps? I've tried to go to the app settings, but there is no clear cache, or clear data, and i've tried to go to security, privacy, and cleared data there, but when i search on Google maps, all the recent searches come up, which is not good when people can see where i've been :)

  2. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Re: the Maps question. There should be a better way but the only way I know of for SURE to clear it is this and it's easier to do on the PC:

    Login to Google account > My Account > Dashboard > "View data stored with this account" link > Web History > Scroll to Maps portion > Clear all

    Not sure how long "Pause" works. Might be an option to look into also.
  3. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I wish it were that easy. I have web history paused and I have no history saved, search suggestions are turned off but when I open Google maps, all my searches from when I got the phone are all there. Maybe I need to sign into latitude or something ? Bc nothing I do will clear the results. What's so hard about having a clear history button on Google maps. There has to be another way bc I have history paused, then I resumed it then cleared then paused again and still history remains.
  4. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Dang you're right, it doesn't transfer to the mobile. I figured with the sync it would. Yeah that blows.
  5. xyzsb

    xyzsb Newbie

    for google maps go to settings->applications. select maps and uninstall updates.

    then go to market and re-install the update.

    it's idiotic i know.
  6. JuniorNA

    JuniorNA Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yes that worked but that is annoying . Wow. Hope there is a better solution soon
  7. adi

    adi Newbie

    What about correcting the error in the email address (first part of his question)
  8. adi

    adi Newbie

    JuniorNA: I think I figured out the answer to the first question you had. I had the same problem..Try going into "People"...chose the person's "folder" that you were trying to send it to...then click "edit" from the "menu" tab...select your email account (I have 2 so I had to check them both)...the incorrect "email" address should be visible...there should be an executable "x" out to the right margin. click it and then go to "save" and it should be gone...worked for me
  9. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    To answer the OP questions:

    To remove unused email addresses, go to gmail.com. Click Contacts on the left-hand side.

    Under "All Contacts" you can remove, merge, and add new email addresses / contacts.
    Move contacts you want on your phone to "My Contacts" and they will show up under People after the next sync.
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  10. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter

    that was just the answer i was looking for, good looking out necosino
  11. jdneer

    jdneer Newbie

    but what about clearing out the history from mail widget...in this case using it for yahoo mail....how do you clear that history?
  12. I am aware of the gmail contacts management option, but there are old email addresses coming up in the history on my handset that aren't in my gmail conacts... keen to get rid of them.
  13. headache56

    headache56 Newbie

    Hi Folks, I have the same problem. That is Android stores email addresses in history and I cannot find any way to delete the old addresses. I do not use Gmail. I see this issue has been raised elsewhere but I have not found an answer.
  14. surreyfox

    surreyfox Lurker

    I have been asking this question for over a year now. I do not use Gmail, so it is not a Gmail problem that I am trying to resolve.

    I have people in my recipient history on my Desire, that I may have emailed once over a year ago. All the historical recipients appear above my Contacts when I compose a new email, so I have a huge list of people appearing that I will never want to email again.

    I want to remove these people from the list, or even better, clear down the complete list of historical recipients, so that I can just select someone from my contacts

    I am not optimistic that somebody will answer this as I have been asking for so long now....but hey you never know! :)

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