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How to close apps running behind ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kikloo, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. kikloo

    kikloo Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Whenever i press the home key for 2-3 secs. i see the task manager which shows me 6 last apps running. How do I close them so they don't take up memory etc. ? Sometimes Wildfire gets slower.

    Any quick tips etc. to make it silky smooth in running also ?


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  2. Manc79

    Manc79 Newbie

    I Use a program called "Advanced Task Killer" that i got from the market

    you can select what items will be killed and you can also select what apps will be ignored

    very useful been using it for a while now
  3. kikloo

    kikloo Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I just installed the app. seems great. But still why I keep on seeing 6 apps. when i keep the Home key pressed for 2 secs. ?

  4. iamnathe

    iamnathe Lurker

    i dont think they are apps running in the background, more like the last 6 apps you have used
  5. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Newbie

    its not windows ;) there is no need to kill apps in android. it does it itself as and when needed.
  6. toonman35

    toonman35 Newbie

    when we are running 2.2 we will no longer need taskiller it can be killed before finishing with the app
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  7. iggyrs

    iggyrs Lurker

    i was wondering this myself, so if you hit the home button does that close the app???

    if so how do apps like car locator work, if you exit out of the app??
  8. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Newbie

    Unless your in a real power hungry app, it will continue to be alive in memory until one of x amount of things happen.

    1. You switch off the phone.
    2. You launch another app that requires more memory than that currently available.
    3. You don't go back to the app over a certain amount of time.

    Android is a very clever O/S that manages apps perfectly. Apps sitting idle in memory uses little battery, its the CPU usage that drains it. Some apps will have a bug in them that drains power etc, but this shouldn't be a reason to get an app killer. The developer should look in to it and release a fix.

    Iggyyrs, don't hit the home button if you want to come out of an app. Just use the back button until on the home screen, this way tells Android you probably finished with the app and so will more likely shut it down sooner.
  9. iggyrs

    iggyrs Lurker

    ah i see, cool. the weird thing is my phone was fully charged today the 30 mins late was nearly flat, but the phone was in my pocket lol, will have to keep an eye on it, cheers
  10. iggyrs

    iggyrs Lurker

    also when i play music, and exit out of it it stays open, i have to goto settings, running services and close it from there or it will stay open???

    is this right??
  11. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Newbie

    if you keep using the back button it will shut it down.
  12. kikloo

    kikloo Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes pressing the home key does'nt closes the app. and they keep on running and yes Android closes the idle apps whenever another app requires more memory but as Wildfire is low on both processor and memory it starts to lag.

    I have noticed that 50% memory is used by the OS itself and as I have now emptied 5 screens and just have kept home screen and 1 screen for apps icons etc. then it shows 160+ MB memory free and does'nt lags that much.

    I am waiting for 2.2 update hoping that things will improve in Wildfire else right now the phone is not upto the mark and tends to get slower if you load apps. and make full use of screens.

    I have installed Advanced task Killer app. also which is helping a lot.

  13. maniac1

    maniac1 Lurker

    but my main problem is with the internet browser ...... by pressing the back button it goes to the previous page ... and it keeps doing so until it reaches my first page and then it goes to the home page ....
    this is a serious problem because i usually surf heavily and back back back irritates me ....... :mad:

    and even pressing the home button doesn't do the work ..... because the next time sm1 opens the browser ... it shows the page last open --- which is mostly a porn site :eek: :eek:
  14. Chef_uk

    Chef_uk Newbie

    Download the Mini Opera app from the market. Then when wanting do what you do just hit the settings button inside Opera and choose home, then hit the phones back button.
  15. JamesT

    JamesT Well-Known Member

    To break the back, back, back, back chain in the browser use the menu button, Windows... to open a new window (press + in the top corner), then Menu, windows again and find the page you want to close and close it with the X in the other top corner.
  16. maniac1

    maniac1 Lurker

    yeah i've been doing that fr a while ...... thanx anyways ... was just lookin fr a better alternative solution .........

    P.S. -- i hate opera .... pls suggest some other browser .......
    moreover opera opens the full version of the site rather than the mobile version which is heavy to load for my edge connection .....
  17. SUroot

    SUroot Extreme Android User

    in opera, I thought there was a mobile view setting?

    Also Opera compresses the data so should be quicker than other browsers.

    It is awful though
  18. ukstan

    ukstan Member


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