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How to compile VICE 3.2 for Android (easy)

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Freelancer30, Sep 24, 2018.

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    I wanted to compile VICE 3.2 for Android. I've tried it with Linux Mint (most tutorialsI've found) and also with my Mac (MacOS 13.4). I've read the "How to build on Android" with PATH settings, ~/androidsdl, ~/android/, sdk, ndk ...

    My Background: I'm using Frodo on Android since years with Eclipse and Android SKD/NDK, no problem on MacOS. All is working fine. But with VICE you can not use Eclipse and the JNI folder. You have to build it external with complicated path and package dependencies.

    I know the hints like "try this, try that, what is the output?", but I spend ~1 year to get it to work with VICE, and nothing worked. So I need a step by step and "proved" solution from someone for actually software versions (SDK, NDK, SDL), because I've found a lot of tutorials with old Linux, NDK, SDK and SDL versions, that didn't help. I would pay for the success via PayPal.

    So, there's someone here who could do it? It would be nice.

    An automated bash file with all commands (download sdk, ndk, sdl / unzip, copy packages, path settings, build) would be nice.


  2. Freelancer30

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    Thanks for the reply. Do I have to use Linux, MacOS or Android?

    I think not enough information. I think you mean Linux, but I want to use it with Android to get armeabi x64 .so files.

    Also I need to edit the src files and then compile it to bin files. I can not see this needed compile process.
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