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How to convert my DVD's to watch on Droid X?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Footman, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Footman

    Footman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey Guys,
    just got my Droid X, not impressed with battery life TBH, never mind I guess the Incredible would have been worse. Screen looks great and as I travel I was thinking of replacing my ipod Touch with the Droid X to play media, DVD's and music...Makes sense.....

    My question really revolves around ripping DVD's to Droid X and best mobile media player to watch them on....

    Currently my DVD collection is already ripped on to my PC in so and MKV form as I stream all around the house with media extender.....

    Can you guys suggest best format and resolutions for playing movies on the Droid X?

    How do you currently do this???



  2. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Android Enthusiast

    Install Handbrake. Encode with these settings:

    Picture Tab
    Anamorphic: None
    Width: 854
    Height: 480

    Video Tab
    Video Codec: MPEG-4
    Constant Quality: 90% QP4

    Audio Tab
    Audio Codec: AAC
    Mixdown: Stereo
    Bitrate: 128
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  3. ImSpartacus

    ImSpartacus Newbie

    You can use rockplayer to play .mkv's, but your best bet is just to shrink them and make them .mp4's with handbrake. I shoot for 1024MB files and usually get ~750MB files. I have a few on my X as we speak.

    As for resolution, DVDs are already 480p, and the X will display 480p. No change necessary.
  4. Footman

    Footman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yeah I believe that I can convert mkv's to mpeg4's easily enough (not sure about custom resolution 854x480), I suppose I should just drag and drop to a folder on the Droid X to play.

    Any recommendations on music and video players for Droid X? DoubleTwist?
  5. C0n57an71n3

    C0n57an71n3 Android Enthusiast

    I agree on battery life. I got five hours my first day and last night when I pulled it off the charger it dropped to 90% from 100% with a few texts - within 30 minutes. Not sure what's going on, but Spare Parts stated that "Android System" had a might large wake lock. I disabled the Geolocation in Fancy Widgets, will see if that helps.

    I agree on handbrake though. Just a quick tip if the DVD you're trying to rip has copy protection you MUST install VLC to get handbrake to rip it.
  6. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Android Enthusiast

    100% doesn't mean the battery is completely charged. The last bit of charging often takes the longest. Leave it on a charger overnight and it shouldn't drop to 90% that quickly.
  7. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    If you want to play the movies on a TV using the HDMI port they have to be in a format that the stock gallery can see, since only in the gallery is the HDMI drivers enabled.
  8. Footman

    Footman Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Going to use DVD catalyst 3 to convert MKV to Mpeg-4 for Droid X, simplest option tbh......

    I guess any standard media player should be able to handle an mpeg 4 file...

    I guess final step is just to drag and drop to a couple of custom files (video and music) I created on the SD Card. DoubleTwish would help with sync but not sure if I will be needing this.....

  9. archer

    archer Newbie

    I use Clone DVD Mobile. It has many different phone formats. I use the XBox 360 setting which makes a 840 x 480 mp4 and by modifing the ini file I can increase the record volume. Or use the Apple TV mode 856 x 480 but can't control record volume.

    Clone DVD also allows me to have the closed captions recorded with the movie. This is a must for me since I have poor hearing and even with full volume and headphones I miss a lot of the dialog.

    Both use a slider control that allows you to adjust the created file size, which also determines the quality. Example, one movie I recorded could have a files size of 700k to 2 gig in size by moving the slider.
  10. urdaddi

    urdaddi Well-Known Member

    Let us know how that works.

    I have a lot of ripped DVD's, and just want to be able to convert them to watch on my DX. I really want to keep a high quality video in the conversion.
  11. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    If you already have the DVD's ripped then just use Handbrake as mentioned previously. It works like a charm as I have a couple movies on my phone at this very moment. What's even better is Handbrake takes advantage of multiple CPUs, but you still get a bottleneck at the HDD.
  12. Jayme

    Jayme Android Enthusiast

    Is clone dvd mobile by slysoft? I'm gonna try it out. I currently have handbrake and vlc installed, but I cant get them to work correctly. :( I want to rip a DVD WITH the menus, but both rip them without. Also sometimes the sound and video are way out of sync.
  13. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    You might be able to use an application called Super, but I'm not 100% sure it will meet all your needs. I'm still dabbling with it but there are a ton of options to mess around with.

  14. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Android Enthusiast

    Use the settings I posted above. I had the same problem. Using these settings there is zero audio delay. You can't rip the menus to MP4, only MKV.
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  15. Jayme

    Jayme Android Enthusiast

    this link appears to be broken. :(

  16. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    The link isn't broken. The website is currently down.
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  17. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    Are you greeted with the message "The connection has timed out"?

    I tried on my development machine and can hit the website, but my laptop times out. Not sure what's going on since I've gone to the site a couple times this past week.

    Nevermind, it doesn't seem like the link is working at all now.
  18. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I was wondering WTF? :D
  19. colchiro

    colchiro Extreme Android User

  20. What is handbrake exactly, do I need other programs to use along with it. Right now I use DVD shrink and then burn backups with Decrypter but it doesn't always work with all movies. Nothing works for Disney movies that I have found.
    Thanks in advance.
  21. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    Handbrake is simply a video transcoder. It converts your video from one format to another of your choosing, i.e. mp4.
  22. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    I'm about to try this momentarily, as well as some of the other methods and settings that have been posted in that thread on the first page. I obviously can't test the results on my Droid just yet, but I can at least test the quality on my computer.
  23. urdaddi

    urdaddi Well-Known Member

    Please post your results, some of us would like to know.
  24. Jayme

    Jayme Android Enthusiast

    Maybe thats why Toy Story 1 isn't copying.
  25. OrderFromChaos

    OrderFromChaos Well-Known Member

    DVD Decrypter is legal to use under "fair use," but illegal to distribute. Find and download the software it will remove the copyright and rip the movie for you. Then you Handbrake or another encoder so that it'll play on your phone.

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