how to convert xt910s (korean skt) to international, asian or european

hello guys

yesterday i bought Motorola RAZR XT910S

its a korean and boot with SKT logo

system version :
model : xt910s
android : 4.0.4
firmware configuration version : gas_asia_spydericsskt_poo9
baseband : u_kr_04.04.00r
build number : 6.7.4-27_sa-51

it has sms issue (80 characters) and some others like brightness remain full on auto brightness but sensor works fine (using LUX app and its working fine)

Now I wanna convert it to international, retail en us or asian version

the only related thing i found is [XT910S/XT910K] Unbrick, Root, Up rom and fix errors

so any here converted his/her korean xt910 to other regions? if so how