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How to Copy MP3 to my Intercept

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DonBanka, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. DonBanka

    DonBanka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am unable to figure out how to transfer/copy or manage my music to/from my PC and my Intercept. I have tried the USB connection. They connect but no software to utilize and the intercept is not seen anywhere on the PC as a drive eg... the included memory card. I installed the software at Samsung Suppoirt for the M910 as someone mentioned here on this GREAT forum. I have downloaded and tried using the BlueTooth File Transfer Wizard OBEX in Windows.... Msg says Samsung unable to read file type. Sprint loaded/transfered my music from my old Palm to my new Intercept. There it sits and I cannot add, delete or change my selections. Any help here please? Thanks!

  2. megabiteg

    megabiteg Android Enthusiast

    First thing first:
    After you install the drivers from this source: Support for Intercept? (SPH-m910) SAMSUNG try restarting your PC and and connecting the phone to a different USB port from what you initially connected it to. Also make sure that the Debug option is not selected under Application development settings.

    After that you should be able to see a mass storage device under My Computer.

    There is no software provided with the phone to manage the media for the phone, but I found this really helpful one if you use Itunes (like I do) and create play-lists. The name of the software is: Salling Media Sysc (Salling Software - Home). This software is awesome and will sync all you ITUNES playlists with you phone automatically, it also works for any podcast, photos and more! it comes with a small price tag, but trust me its worth every penny of it. Catch the demo and if you like it purchase it and let us know how it goes.

    If you need further help were are here to help you.
  3. DonBanka

    DonBanka Newbie
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    OK, I followed your directions and now I see an F: drive in MyComputer but when I open that drive letter msg says no -please insert disk. I know F: is the Intercept because if I disconnect the drive letter goes away. If I download the (Salling Software - Home) will it resolve this issue or is there something else still not right. Thanks again for your help!

    Next step?
  4. megabiteg

    megabiteg Android Enthusiast

    Glad that it worked, did you enable the mass storage device via the phone? Once you connect the phone to the computer there will be a USB icon that will appear at the top of the status bar, you have you click that and then select MOUNT for the drive to totally work.

    Now if you have done this and still doesn't give you access in the computer, try (with the phone disconnected from the PC) to format the SDCARD (warning: you will be deleting anything you already have in there so caution) also remember that you must unmount the SDCARD to be able to format the drive. You can find all these options in SD & Storage section in the settings menu.

    After doing the above steps, try reconnecting the phone again and lets see what happens next.

  5. DonBanka

    DonBanka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you Megabiteg!!! That was it!! Followed your directions and I can now copy and paste to/from the Audio Folder on the F: drive (I presume the memory card) I did not have to format, just Mount the card..... Once the USB Icon appeared I slide down the top menu, tap USB connection at top of the list....WAHLA! NOW, I love my new Intercept. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. cbarth3

    cbarth3 Member

    just a heads up doubletwist is a good media sync program and they also have a music app for android
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  7. DonBanka

    DonBanka Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, now that I can copy and paste mp3 files into the Music Folder on my Intercept via USB....:)......is there a way to make the same connection wirelessly via Bluetooth? Bluetooth handles all my sinc tasks , why not be able connect as a drive via Blutooth? :rolleyes: Can it be done? If not, why not? I'm just curious.

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