Apps How to create MySql Web Service in JAVA

Goodnight everyone,

I need to create a WS to connect to an external MySQL database,
but i never worked with WS, i need some examples of how to create and configure a WS in Java, only found examples in PHP which is not feasible in my case ...

Thx all..


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Welcome to the forums, I think what you're asking is more of a server development question.

A web service, by definition exists on a server. So you are really just asking someone how to create a java application on a server that connects to the server's database.

You may want to google "java mysql tutorial" and "apache tomcat" and "java servlet"

You will probly have better luck learning from links you find there than here because this forum is for Android application development.

Hope that helps :)


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Yes, you'r right !

i've found some exemples of how to use and create WS wtih Java, REStful and tomcat.

I'll try do thesse exemples...

Thx 4 the help !! :)