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Root [HOW TO] Custom Recovery's, ROM's, kernel's...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lelouch, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Lelouch

    Lelouch Android Enthusiast
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    Aug 6, 2010

    Aug 6, 2010
    Well, I decided to make this thread in order to give you a more insight on the ROM's available for you and kernels which will breath in your O1 a brand new life.


    ting, flashing custom recovery versions, ROM's and kernels cancels your Warranty. So be careful.


    I think that in this forum already exist a thread about this but I will mentioned it here anyway.

    The easiest way to get root privileges on your device is by using Gingerbreak apk. Just download it, install it and run it.
    Be aware that with this app, you can only get root privileges if you're running devices running official LG Froyo versions 2.2, 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 and not official Gingerbread version from LG. If you're already on official Gingerbread version you will need to downgrade your version to Froyo using KDZ Updater.

    For those who are adventures types and you're using official Gingerbread LG version you can try using SuperOneClick. Get the link from here and try using this guide.


    There's two popular custom Recovery versions for O1 - AmonRa (latest version 2.2.1a and 2.2.1b) and ClockworkMod (latest

    The easiest way to flash ClockworkMod Recovery is by using ROM Manager app from the Market (free or donate version doesn't matter) and choose to flash the latest recovery version (in O1 case it's and choose an option to Reboot in Recovery mode.

    If you wish to change the Recovery version or return to the stock Recovery, from here you can get all the available recovery's for O1 in flashable zip. Download your desired Recovery version (copy it to SD card), reboot to recovery and flash the zip.
    IMPORTANT: In order to not get errors disable signature verification in your custom Recovery.


    There are many ROM's available for O1. Many are just cooked versions from official LG firmware (Froyo and gingerbread) with only difference that users remove some (LG) apps and install app's from their list of choice. Themed them and put their launcher of choice. In reality anyone can make this so I will disregard this ROM's cause this is just one version of LG firmware mostly heavily themed.

    First we must divide the ROM's on baseband versions - old and the new (read FAQ for more info)

    OLD BASEBAND one's - official Froyo one:

    Mik_os's CyanogeMod port for O1

    The most popular ROM today (if you didn't heard already) is made by mik_os. His ROM is based on CyanogenMod 7.1.0 RC1 (based on Gingerbread) and he regularly updates his ROM. It's mostly stable based ROM aimed for performance and trust me he does amazing work on this ROM. He doesn't support the new baseband yet, but in the near future he will.
    Also it must be noted that there are two version of his ROM. Latest stable release - beta version 6.5.7 (this will be updated) uses 2.6.32.x kernel aka Froyo one and the testing release - beta version 6.6.1 (this will be updated) uses 2.6.35.x kernel aka Gingerbread one. Why is that read in the FAQ. Both versions uses the latest Android Gingerbread version 2.3.5. What's new?

    openOptimus ROM by ciaox (12 years old)

    This ROM is made by the youngest developer for Android for O1 community. It's Froyo based one, removed stock LG apps and added some new apps. Mixed with franco kernel, Noejn's gps fix, added openScript 0.5.5, some tweaks to framework...
    Overall it's a nice looking ROM with decent performance and if you're upgrading from LG firmware Froyo based ones you will be surprised by it0s feel and look. Latest/final version is 1.172.1 with openScript 0.5.5 and FK 14.1

    devoid. #froyo final by Noejn

    This ROM is one among the best if not the best Froyo based ROM's. It brings increased performance and battery, it's heavily tweaked and brings another vies to ROM altogether.
    Uses franco kernel 15.1.
    Developer has passed on to the void. #foreever ROM (see below).

    void. #forever (2.3.4)
    by Noejn

    This ROM is based on CM7 and follows devoid's philosophy. It uses some Noejn's tweaks and it will bring you nice performance with a solid lasting battery (depends on the user).
    Uses franco Kernel 17 BFS - pre-released version.
    Development is discontinued, developer doesn't have O1 anymore.

    NEW BASEBAND - brought by official Gingerbread:

    It seems that LG screwed up here (including Gingerbread release altogether), bringing free developers a big headache on how to fix this. Mostly it brings a bug to Mobile Data connection and other stuff if the ROM isn't based on official LG firmware (Gingerbread).
    In order to avoid this, ROM's are based on official LG 2.3 firmwares.

    OpenOptimus build 2.202.1 by ciaox

    This ROM is based on official Italian Gingerbread reelase. New baseband is mandatory for this release. It will bring openOptimus magic to your device with Ginger flavor. It brings better performance then official LG 2.3 firmware. Includes all the tweaks from ciaox and some more.
    There is a possible problem with GPS, but it doesn't mean it's going to happen.
    Uses franco newest kernel v1.

    OneDroid GB07 by Samhain77

    This ROM is based on Italian firmware version of Gingerbread. Uses PaoloM70 kernel, Zeam launcher some tweaks and other stuff which will bring better performance and battery life then official LG releases.
    Developer has moved on.

    ...to be continued...


    Two developers exist who provide kernel updater for O1. Maybe you heard of them, but nevertheless I will named them franciscofranco and Paolo.

    The developer franciscofranco develops two versions of kernel for O1.

    The first one is based on 2.6.32.x version of kernel (Froyo). The franco.Kernel is a very optimized kernel for 2.2 and 2.3 (non-official) roms. The philosophy is to push the phone's performance as hard as it can, while maintaining extra battery power. The latest version is 19.2 which brings it to version. There is two versions of 19.2 named CFS and BFS .
    Use CFS version if you're on Froyo and BFS if you're on Gingerbread.
    Also you can flash ZRAM initializer - flash not needed after upgrade of the kernel (if it's already flashed).
    Update: discountinued by the dev - use fserve's kernel

    The latest one is for 2.3 ROM's only and mik_os 6.6.1. It brings pure(newest version of the kernel to O1. Do not flash on 2.2 based ROM's and mik_os 6.5.7 or less version of ROM.

    Another one is made by Italian developer named PaoloM70. His kerenl can be found here (link will be updated), just scroll down to end of the first post - it's a Italian site. The latest version is V6 - also must not be used on 2.2 based ROM's and mik_os 6.5.7 or less.

    Goldenleaf and GBS are newest kernel for O1 maintened and worked on by fserve. Goldenleaf is a rewrite of LG stock .32 kernel with almost all the newest features.
    GBS is based on franciscofranco kernel 19.4. and updated to the latest 2.6.32 kernel branch. As you're gonna see there are two of them in one is BFS version dedicated for gaming (so if you're a havy gamer this is your choice) or CFS version for multitasking people. Use on LG stock ROM's and latest ROM's which support .32 branch of kernels.

    Goldenleaf rewrite of LG stock .35 kernel. Like the above Goldenleaf this also has some fixes that tries to eliminate black screen bug introduced by GB for O1.
    Use on Mik_os 6.6.1, Bytecode OpenOptimus GB, andy572 Phoenix Android. popdog123 Oxygen and other ROM's based on .35 kernel.


    ]Adobe flash 10.1 working on O1 (buggy to be honest). ]Adobe 10.2 works way better then 10.1 (currently using it). You can flash on any ROM's of your choice without any problems.

    ...to be continued...


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  2. Lelouch

    Lelouch Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter
    Aug 6, 2010

    Aug 6, 2010

    Q: Can I/we play HD games on O1?
    A: Yes, you can. But it all depeds on your choice of ROM and kernel. The best .32 kernel for gaming is BFS Gamer kernel from fserve. So use that with .32 based ROM.

    Q: Which is the best gaming based ROM for O1?
    A: One and only Andy572 Phoenix Rom with franciscofranco .35 kernel, or Mix_os 6.5.8 version with Gamer kernel from fserve.

    Q: Can I flash .32 kernel on .35 based ROM or vice versa?
    A: Yes, you can. But be prepared for Bugsville city. Don't flash wrong kernel based version on ROM based on .32 or .35 kernels if you wish to have a pleasant and bugsfree ROM.

    Q: Do I need to flash a newer version of kernel from xxx person?
    A: It' advisable to do that cause the dev doesn't support his/her's previous work.

    Q: Is it safe to flash/install Adobe flash 10.x version on my xxx ROM?
    A: Yes, it is. But use the 10.2 link cause it's more stable and optimized for Arm v6 CPU-s.

    Q: What about Adobe flash 11.x?
    A: Don't know, but if we get the working version will post it. But why would you need it, cause we already have 10.2 working? :thinking:

  3. vipul619

    vipul619 Well-Known Member
    Oct 15, 2011

    thnx man.
    wud be really helpful if u wud answer a few questns i hv..

    1. i'm looking for a nice mix of perf n batt. so shuld i go for Mik_os or Devoid?
    2. is dis process reversible?
    3. will i be able to run flash n java if i opt for a custom rom?

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