HOW TO: Device Requests

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Lets get to teh meat and potatoes, we are a team that focuses on teh unloved devices unfortunatly we dont know of every device that ever comes out. make a new thread here and follow this basic guide please :)

Thread name: Device name and what you need [Root and/or recovery]

in the main body:

Device Name:
Device version: (as in 2.3.6 or 4.0.4 etc)
Device manufactuer:

Know how to use and supply these in pastes please :)

adb shell mount
adb shell cat /proc/cpuinfo
a copy of build.prop

we cant get to every phone and we may not be able to help everyone but we will always strive to try our best. right now 2.3.5-2.3.7 is the worst versions to be on for lack of root exploits. if its a samsung device your chances of being able to get help increased by quite a bit.
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