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How to DIAG on Virging mobile Intercept

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by latinlover515, May 14, 2011.

  1. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hi there. does anyone here knows what is the correct #3 number for DIAG on the Virging Mobile Intercept? i know on the sprint version is ##8778# i tryed that one on this phone and doesnt work. i even tryed ##3424# and no luck. does anyone knows the correct number or code? please let me know thanks.....

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  2. bigbubba

    bigbubba Member

    hope thats what your looking for. Or are you trying to update the towers for roaming?
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  3. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    thanks bigbubba.

    ##786# is pretty good. there must be some others. nice to see some of the information available there but there's got to be much more.
  4. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    thanks for your reply . but ## 786 its to reset the phones info completely. i just need the one to switch from PDA to MODEM oor viseversa. normally on sprint phone s its ##8778# i had tryed that one and it doenst work. so there has to be one i asume...
  5. hanginghelmet

    hanginghelmet Member

    Is there a number to call to update the towers??? My signal strength all of a sudden has gotten weak.
  6. bigbubba

    bigbubba Member

    that is usually done with carriers that roam, since your VM phone does not roam the info for towers is updated through the network, If your having connection problems try a 3g reset by calling tech support. Hope this helps
  7. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    why is it so dificult to get this code? if sprint own virging mobile and pracicly they use the same phones just logos are diferent why the ## numbers or code are not the same? same issue with boost. but does anyone knows this ## number to switch from PDA to MODEM? or do i have to throw this phone into the trash can?
  8. need2burn

    need2burn Newbie

    For tethering internet to a PC? Try using PDANet or Easy-tether app. You need the app on your phone, and the sister program installed on your pc. There is no need to dial in on these for tethering. The only thing is you need USB debugging enabled and some people have to get a different cable because the one the phone comes with is crap. If your phone doesn't say USB connected and ONLY charges then you need a better cable.
  9. cyberblue

    cyberblue Lurker

    OP wants diag mode, which allows poking around the phone's radio parameters; not necessarily modem to pass internet connectivity to other device by tethering.

    BTW, i think for the same m910, Sprint's dialer has the logic to read ##7887# (which VM dialer obviously doesn't, at least not that number) and kick off DM app (which may or may not be there at all in VM m910). Both dialer and the DM app is in the ROM.
    You can try flashing Sprint ROM and see if that gives you what you want. Make sure the ROM package will NOT write to radio (otherwise your phone will become an exact Sprint phone with VM branding). Take this with grain of salt, I'm just throwing in idea and you're responsible for the results of your own action.
  10. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    WELL thats is exactly what i want to convert this phone into a sprint phoen so maybe i can get those options that iam missing. where can i get the sprint intercept factory ROM that installs via download mode or what ever mode?
  11. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    You Google it, and the link appears. Flashing it to a Sprint ROM will not allow you to use it with VM service.
  12. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    well can you please get me a link on how to or where do i download the sprint setup ROM or what ever its called..? i had tryed but no luck. i need and installers to instal the ROM via download mode but i cant find it
  13. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    latinlover515: I don't know if that reply is intended for me or not.

    It's not clear anyone here knows exactly what you want to do... First off, you are presently on a VM plan I assume, but you want some code to switch from PDA to Modem mode (whatever that is), and for reasons which people seem to be guessing at.

    I informed you if you Flash a Sprint ROM, it will probably do you no good on a VM account... at least I'm pretty sure you are going to have problems.

    Another poster replied that you don't need one of those dialer codes to do tethering, if that is what you want to accomplished.

    So, apologies if I personally don't provide you any more information than what I or someone else already has. If you want to do this for some reason, you might have better luck asking it on another forum. Also, if you can't Google and find what you seek, there's a good possibility you shouldn't attempt it. That is not meant in anyway to be negative or to preach, just sane advice.

    So as not to be a complete killjoy, at least start a thread where you concisely state what you seek.
  14. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    well .. here is thge deal. i want to flash this phone into another carrier. like boost for example. but iam tired of people telling this is illegal bla bla bla. i dont call it illegal if you paid 250 for a phoenand its your phone. but to each its own. i still dont call it illegal.. illegal its steelling or bootleging orr you found a phoen that its not yours and yyou try to make it work no matter what. but if you onw the phone and as the US congress aproved last year iits not illegal if you own the phone but any ways.. i just need to know how to enable the modem or what ever its called so i can use my boost ESN. on sprint phone s normally is ##8778# thats why i brought it up eralier. but on the virgin version i dont know the code...iam not asking how to flash since i know how to. i jsut need how to activate the mode so i can edit it
  15. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i guess nobody has an answer
  16. kevindroid

    kevindroid Android Expert

    the software for what youre trying to do is called cdma workshop you need to download a full cracked rar file this will enable you to clone a phone which is illegal even if it is yours
  17. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i got everything to do that. But its impossible to do if the phone doesnt show as a modem so that cdma workshop or qxdm can see it. That is what iam looking for . How to enable the modem on this phone so that i can do do te rest. Normally on sprint is ##8778# but that code doesnt work on this phone. So i need to find out how to enable the modem so cdma woprckshop can see the phone. Or the modem rather..
  18. latinlover515

    latinlover515 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    seriously do i have to wait for the rest of my life to get an answer? iam not beeing rude or anything. as a matter fact i thanks al the ones that tryed answering my question.... but its been more then a month since i posted this question and nooen has anything on how to put this phone on DIAG mode or what ever do that need to do..
  19. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    I suspect now that people know what you want to do is flash the phone to Boost, they can't help you. FWIW: more than likely, you are going to have to play games with the ESN, and that IS against the law - but that is only a part of what you're going to have to do to the phone.

    So why bother?

    If Boost allows Android phones (Samsung Galaxy Prevail?), then why not just put yours up for sale, and get one specifically branded for Boost? You're likely to be much more successful going that route.
  20. alexanderkr1

    alexanderkr1 Lurker

    I know its several months later... BUT..

    I was having some trouble with this too.

    Here is the solution:

    1. (If you already have your MSL/SPC, skip this step)
    You have to have your MSL/SPC 6 digit code. This is not easy to come by since you can't connect your Intercept as a modem to read it with Cdma Workshop or QPST. You could call VM and ask, but I doubt they'll give it to you.

    However there is a workaround:

    Download this APK:
    (3 w's).mediafire.(com)/?jjjynwp2y65ephj

    It's a little app called ConnectBot. Once installed, in the lower left hand corner, where it says SSH, change that to "Local".. Then put anything in the text box you want.

    When the command prompt comes up, type the command "getprop ril.MSL" and hit enter.

    This should give you your MSL/SPC 6 digit code!

    2. Dial ##PORT#, enter your MSL/SPC, and make sure both options are set to "modem" and not "pda"

    3. You are gonna need additional drivers to access the phone as a modem. On Windows 7, it tries to install, then prompts you to download "Samsung PC Studio 3"

    DO NOT INSTALL The one it suggests! Instead install this one:

    (3 w's).mediafire.(com)/?k7pxzu3uc03nepn

    This program will install the drivers you need.

    Any questions just ask,

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  21. foszz

    foszz Lurker

    Kev, this works fantastic, but I don't know which driver to install to install to get CDMA Workshop to read the phone. Do you happen to know which driver needs to go in to windows 7 to make it read? I extracted all of them from the install directory, and tried all of them also, but none will read.
    Much Thanks!
  22. goodlogic

    goodlogic Lurker

    How to read SPC for free on Samsung M910 Virgin Mobile (Testing only VM)

    1. Install Android and Samsung drivers.
    2. Enabled "USB debugging" (Settings - Application - Development - USB debugging).
    3. Download last CDMA Tool and run software
    3.1 Go to tab ADB
    3.2 Click button "Start device listener":

    [x] Initialization. Please wait...
    [x] Initialization complete
    [x] M910160dcf50 connected (Online)

    3.3 Send commands:
    - adb shell
    - su
    - getprop ril.MSL

    [05:12:52] >> shell
    [05:12:58] >>su
    [05:12:58] $ su
    [05:12:58] su: permission denied
    [05:13:07] >>getprop ril.MSL
    [05:13:07] $ getprop ril.MSL
    [05:13:07] 682436

    4. Done. SPC 682436
    5. Enter DIAG ##7678#

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