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How to disable Google Assistant?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pllasma, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. pllasma

    pllasma Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My phone just updated to using Google Assistant.. I have to say I don't like it now. When I tap and hold my home button, I'd rather be able to type in the search instead of speaking. I can't always speak depending on where I'm at or what I'm searching. It only allows me to search like before after I've spoken something. This new feature is horrible if we don't have the option to do either method. Does anyone know if it can either be removed or changed back to the old way?


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    Post #15 by SheenaBean, Dec 26, 2017 (1 points)

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  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

  4. pllasma

    pllasma Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Unfortunately you have to speak something first before you have the option to type in a search. There needs to be the option to text search located initially in the assistant. I have a lot of friends that don't like that feature either. Hopefully it will change soon
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  5. meyerweb

    meyerweb Android Enthusiast

    I got updated over night. I HATE IT! With a passion. No longer can you just long press the button and get the cards you're interested in. No longer can you type a query. No, now you need to TALK to your stupid phone. I could easily use Google Now anywhere. But can you imagine talking to your phone in the middle of a meeting? Or during a wedding? Or in any of the thousands of other places where talking out loud is annoying, embarrassing, or downright rude? Where you might want to be discrete? I added a gesture to Nova Launcher to start Google Now, but that only works from a home screen, unlike a long press of the home button.

    And there's no option for going back to Google Now. The language trick tube posted is, at best, a temporary fix, because Google will eventually roll this out to all Englishe languages, just as they did Now.

    Thanks for forcing this unwanted bloatware on me, Google. Thanks for nothing, that is.

    Do Google's employees really sit around work all day talking to their phones? Maybe they should go out into the real world and see how real people work.
  6. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

    Use an apk from a previous google version maybe?
  7. vst

    vst Lurker

    The following may help. Go to Settings > Apps > Google App, open menu at top right and choose "Uninstall Updates".
  8. je161803

    je161803 Lurker

    I just got it now, this update is awful. I only just found out it has been around for a little while and everyone hates it. Why does google keep it up? We need to put pressure on them to change this. Besides changing the language zone on your phone is there any way to get rid of it and get the plain search app back?
  9. je161803

    je161803 Lurker

    So I found another patch solution.Disable the assistant in settings. Then in google play search "google search" , tap the simple multi-coloured "G" app icon. Install or update as required. This will give you back plain google search. At least you wont have to speak to your phone like dickhead hashtag googleassistantistheworst
  10. Mendy355

    Mendy355 Lurker

    Thanks je161803 for the fix/workaround. I'm used to being opted in automatically to Google's latest "features", but users shouldn't have to browse forums to find a way to shut Assistant off. Very Microsofty of them, actually.
  11. B9chris

    B9chris Lurker

    Google Assistant auto updated into my Nexus 5X and destroyed my battery life. Idle usage used to use almost 0 battery, and now with it installed it's almost indistinguishable from when the phone is in use (image 1)

    Figured out how to disable it completely.

    1) Swipe your home screen to the annoying Widget/Screen it dumped on you, or open the Google app.

    2) Hit the 3 horizontal bars at top left - the menu

    3) Hit Settings (image 2)

    4) In what sure feels like an effort to trick you, this screen opens with"Google Assistant," and both items under it will not help you. The actual setting you need is at the bottom, under Search, called "Your Feed." (image 3)

    5) Disable "Feed." (image 4)

    Finally, drainer disabled.

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  12. B9 Chris, you're the man! Thank you.

    Another optional step I think everyone should do is to choose the option right underneath "Your Feed" (that you chose in B9Chris instructions) called "Screen Search". Now this will also stop the stupid screen search from happening. In my testing, turning off Your Feed will disable Screen Search from actually searching, but it still does the animation and I'm sure it's still doing SOMETHING behind the scenes and I'd rather just ****ing text search.

    Also, my name is DIEGOOGLEAZSISTANT because this sites profanity filter blocks out ASS from ASSISTANT....
  13. Viejo41

    Viejo41 Lurker

    What a shock to have this mistake take over my phone. I haven't been able to use Google Search, AND my phone keeps filling with these 'cards' or whatever they are; feeds from everywhere none of which I am interested in. First I went through and laboriously marked seemingly endless series of publications (not topics) as 'not interested'. Then I went through 'settings' and shut off all notifications I could find. A few hours later, an ENTIRELY NEW SERIES OF DIFFERENT PUBLICATIONS showed up on my phone. What a complete fiasco from a company I respected in the past. There does not seem to be a way to disable this product without rooting my phone, which I do not want and should not have to do.
    Eventually I deleted as many Google products as I could find: Google, Google Now, Google Assistant, Google +, Google Play, Chrome. I'm very sorry to lose my old Google Search but I will not tolerate that kind of uncontrollable excrement appearing on my phone every few hours. Yeah, and what about battery life?
  14. Xavier Black

    Xavier Black Android Expert

    Awwwwwa, I LOVE my Google assistant!!!!, It does do much for me..yes like mentioned above..you should downgrade the version..
    #14 Xavier Black, Oct 2, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  15. SheenaBean

    SheenaBean Lurker

    In app permissions for both google and chrome disable the microphone and google assist will no longer come up :)
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  16. NK2U

    NK2U Lurker


    That did it! Thanks!


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