Help How to disable the stupid Emergency Alert things


I have Samsung Note2.
SP is Sprint

I want to disable this stupid Emergency Alert thing in my phone which comes as Messaging.

Once I hear it, it should have been done deal, but this stupid thing alert you in way loud volume with high pitch annoying sound.

How to disable this - please.....

these are all weather related stupid alerts.


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Go into your weather app menu's notification settings and uncheck the box that enables those alerts.

Tell us which weather app you're using if you want us to give you the specific path to that setting. It's in most weather apps/widgets. Did you download and install one from the Play Store, such as Palmary Weather or Weather Bug? It's also in Accuweather which is the default weather app with most carriers that dispense the Note 2. :)


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I have Acccuweather. I checked . Could not find where to disable it.
But this alert comes in as Messages and you see as Red Triangle with Exclamation Mark at center of the triangle saying Emergency Alert.

Pls help me
Much Appreciated.

I checked all my programs, I do not have any weather related program downloaed.


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The stock sms messaging app itself has a setting called, "Emergency Alerts."

There are 4 choices.. click into that menu and make your choices. ;)

Wow, always wondered where to disable that even though I do like it getting the alerts. Thanks!


I just figured Sprint had it enabled, because they wanted you out of any bad weather, so you wouldn't be in enough danger that you couldn't pay your bill. :)