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How to do a factory reset with the 2.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by iamtooproud, May 16, 2010.

  1. iamtooproud

    iamtooproud Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Can anybody tell me how to do a factory reset on my Eris after installation of the 2.1 OTA update?

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  2. lilxerolil

    lilxerolil Newbie

    Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset
  3. iamtooproud

    iamtooproud Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, it worked!
  4. Eric2

    Eric2 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone summarize exactly what gets reset (and what doesn't)?

    Does it remove apps, e-mail accounts, messages, WiFi network info, or just "custom" settings such as screen brightness, sound levels, and stuff like that?

  5. cmerrtt

    cmerrtt Member

    Good questions ~ if you back up with "My Backup Pro" are you able to restore the settings through that app?
  6. WineJones

    WineJones Member

    ^^ My question EXACTLY!
  7. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    I think it reformats your phone. So it wipes everything but the memory card and OS files.
  8. weems

    weems Newbie

    So you will lose contacts also?
  9. jps

    jps Well-Known Member

    everything gets reset.
  10. polizi212

    polizi212 Member

    Factory rest puts the phone back to the way you got it from Verizon!
  11. paleodust

    paleodust Android Expert

    It makes it exactly the way it was when it first came out of the box, except that it's got 2.1 instead of 1.5, assuming you've updated it to 2.1.

    You have to reinstall and re-sync everything.
  12. WineJones

    WineJones Member

    Sorry to be so specific, but I wanted to make sure before I did it. I've backed up my apps, and my data and even made paper notes about my screen layouts, so I guess I'm ready to go.
    Thank you all for the info!
  13. reinert012

    reinert012 Android Enthusiast

    Its not letting me reactivate my phone?

    What do i do?
  14. WineJones

    WineJones Member

    So you're doing the *228 option 1 and it's not accepting your phone? Ouch! My best guess is to call VZW tech support?
  15. reinert012

    reinert012 Android Enthusiast

    thats exactly whats happening
  16. polizi212

    polizi212 Member

    I just did A factory reset not really any issues except for setting up my email again but that was my error not the devices!
  17. reinert012

    reinert012 Android Enthusiast

    How did you activate it?
  18. polizi212

    polizi212 Member

    To activate the phone I just followed the HTC set up as it took me step by step and it called the *228 and I presses option 1 at the prompt and it activated no issue!
  19. reinert012

    reinert012 Android Enthusiast

    Wow, that will not work for me.
  20. polizi212

    polizi212 Member

    how far into the process do you get
  21. reinert012

    reinert012 Android Enthusiast

    I press 1 and it says let us retrieve some information, then it says it cannot be completed at this time.
  22. polizi212

    polizi212 Member

    Didi you try restarting the phone again and seeing if starting all over helps?
  23. reinert012

    reinert012 Android Enthusiast

    Will try that now
  24. reinert012

    reinert012 Android Enthusiast

    did not work
  25. polizi212

    polizi212 Member

    If restarting it has no effect I doubt a battery pull will either, I would say it might be best to call Verizon Tech support and see what they can do to get it handled for you!

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