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How To Downgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 JB 4.1.1 to ICS 4.0.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by technomagic, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. technomagic

    technomagic Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guyz help me out i want to downgrade Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 JB 4.1.1 to ICS 4.0.4
    i recently update my GT-P3100 with JB 4.1.1 and im not at all happy with user interface so i want to go back to ICS 4.0.4
    im new user of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100
    please tell me step by step procedure of downgrade to official ICS 4.0.4

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  2. saptech

    saptech Android Expert

    Well, I haven't upgraded to JB yet, but from my understanding, you may have to root or get an ICS Rom to downgrade. Look into those type of options.

    I'm not into rooting yet, so I can't help with it.
  3. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    check this site samfirmware.com

    they have the instructions and the files that are required to flash an official rom for almost all samsung devices also see the user manual of how to flash the rom before you try anything.

    make sure what your are doing and do it at your own risk..
  4. kbbru

    kbbru Member

    Have you even tried to find that information yourself? :rolleyes: Or do you expect people to hand everything to you on a plate without effort? The same thing was discussed only a few threads back: Reverting From JB To ICS Without Root?
  5. technomagic

    technomagic Lurker
    Thread Starter

    yes i checked that thread before making this new thread but it was created for GT-P3110 n im using GT-P3100 i just brought tab 2 before a week back and i dont want to loose warranty of it so im worried about my tab
    1 more thing is in Reverting From JB To ICS Without Root? thread didnt explain step by step procedure... i have done flashing more than 1000 times on nokia devices but never used any of android device n im going to 1st time experience to flash on android device and that too downgrading part its most difficult i dont want to brick my device.
    hope u understand my problem
    im happy if u guide me properly step by step to downgrade because i really want to go back with ICS 4.0.4
  6. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    The point here is that this is a already discussed in the other thread and to avoid having duplicate threads.
  7. technomagic

    technomagic Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Someone please guide me to Step By Step Downgrade Procedure for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 JB 4.1.1 to ICS 4.0.1 & help me out
  8. kbbru

    kbbru Member

  9. technomagic

    technomagic Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How mean I need support u guys n u r like showing attitude
    Fine leaving this forum will spend money n downgrade my device
  10. kbbru

    kbbru Member

    Have you considered that maybe we don't have that information ready for you? I'm sure that what you need is somewhere out there, and we have tried to point you in (what we suppose is) the right direction. But do you honestly expect people to spend time on this for you, while you obviously don't feel like spending time and effort on this yourself?

    You could for instance start composing a step-by-step process yourself and ask us about any doubts that you might have. Asking detailed, to the point questions generally gets you better answers than demanding pronto, on-the-spot, immediate solutions to your problem.
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  11. harshalp99

    harshalp99 Lurker

    i have download
    * Firmware from Here
    * Odin3 v1.87.
    * turn off my tablet
    now what next to do???
    should i connect tablet with pc??
  12. sapphire02

    sapphire02 Lurker

    bring it to samsung store they are the ony who can help you thx
  13. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    how come nobody knows about flashing a rom on tab2.

    i am tired of doing this things with my galaxy ace and i kind of like the JB on the tab2. so not planning to try this any time soon.
  14. Ascaris

    Ascaris Lurker

    I reverted mine to ICS 4.0.4 today (not happy with the interface either). Here is how I did it...

    -back up any data you don't want to lose from your tablet
    -download the ICS firmware from the site of your choice and unzip it wherever you like
    -download and install Odin3 (latest version I saw was 1.87, but I used 1.85) from the site of your choice on a Windows computer
    -make sure all PC drivers for the tab are installed (they are installed by Kies)
    -make sure Kies is not running
    -turn off the tablet
    -make sure the tablet is not plugged into the computer and has a good bit of battery left
    -turn the tablet on into recovery mode by pressing and holding the up volume and the on/off button
    -select factory reset and do it
    -select reboot
    -turn the tablet off again
    -turn the tablet on into download mode by pressing and holding the down volume button and the on/off at the same time
    -when it asks if you are sure you want to download, press up volume to say yes
    -plug the tablet into the computer's USB port, and make sure it says "Added!" in the window
    -check the PDA box in Odin
    -click the PDA button and browse to the .md5 file you unzipped
    -click Start in Odin
    -when it finishes, the tablet should boot into ICS
    -if the progress meter on the tablet and in the Odin window don't move for a long time, there might be a problem with the USB drivers... maybe try another usb port, or else reinstall the drivers
    -if it hangs at the Samsung screen... I had that too, as I did all this initially without the factory wipe. After I did that and reflashed the rom, it started working again. If it does this even after the wipe, I would suggest trying the wipe and see if that works... if not, try flashing again too.

    Be aware that there is always risk in flashing the firmware, and if things go wrong, I can't be responsible for that.

    Good luck!
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  15. hkmk23

    hkmk23 Member

    I did not ask about this myself, but that was a very helpful reply from Ascaris. If there are mods on this site that response should probably be marked as a sticky.
    I am running ICS 4.03 (which it came with) on my Tab2 and having read many of the threads and posts there is no way I am upgrading from that.
    I think that Samsung will end up like Sony, so full of themselves that they think they can ignore their customer base and eventually just fall by the wayside.

    If no-one else says it - Thanks Ascaris.
  16. hmgaffney

    hmgaffney Lurker

    I upgraded from ICSto jb over the air 2 nights ago.
    I have had my Tab only since Christmas and read all threads here and elsewhere re: the JB update. I decided to go for it and am glad I did.
    No problems other than reinstalling my Samsung account.
    All apps work as before and I am happy I have the lastest os.

    Before I did this I read and downloaded all the advice and content regarding reverting bsck to ICS
    incase I didn't like it or it didn't go well.
    Being prepared never hurts
  17. elantraelite

    elantraelite Lurker

    Sucessfully downgraded my P3100 following these exact instructions.

    My Tab did hang at the Samsung Boot screen after completing, but i just did a factory reset and it booted perfectly! thanks for the help!
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  18. ahlyn

    ahlyn Lurker

    guyzz please heLp me to downgrade GT-P3100 tab2 im not happy with the new upgrade... plzzz help thank you.....

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