Help How to download photos from my camera


I want to download photos from my digital camera to my Tab 2 7"? If so where can I find the instructions. I can't seem to find them.

The camera has an USB connection that is different from the one on the Tab 2 and the only way I see that I could transfer photos from the camera to the tablet is to first download from camera to a laptop/desktop, then from the laptop/desktop to the Tab 2.

I am trying to avoid carrying a laptop on vacation with me, would like to transfer photos directly from the camera to the Tab 2 32 Gig card. I am not that familiar with adapters or whether they would work in my case.


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An OTG cable may work for you allowing direct transfer from the camera to the external SD card in the tablet using a file manager. I recommend the Astro file manager.
Here is an post that talks about cameras.
If it doesn't work with the camera directly it will work with the camera's SD card using an SD to USB adapter. I found a powered USB Hub is required to power a USB flash drive as the power available from the tablet is very limited. Once you have the OTG cable you can try it connected directly to the camera. The camera shouldn't require power from its USB cable. I have been able to use a USB mouse or keyboard directly but not a flash drive. A powered USB Hub can be found at a good price with a little shopping and is small only requiring a small transformer in addition to the Hub.