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How to download your own app?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Chaz9127, May 28, 2010.

  1. Chaz9127

    Chaz9127 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am new to the android SDK so I created my own app, a simple flashlight app just to get the feel for the code. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could download this app onto my HTC Droid Incredible. I am using eclipse. If not would you mind forwarding me to a site that hold such information? Thanks in advance.

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  2. VIO

    VIO Android Enthusiast

    why not just ADB push the .apk from the eclipse folder to your phone?
  3. Digitalman42

    Digitalman42 Lurker

    Exporting from Eclipse auto-signs and auto-packs your app. Make sure you already have a key ready for selection during export. If not, follow the guide on creating you signing key.

    Then take your exported android app file and FTP it to a web server where you can make it private. Then use your browser on your phone and browse to that location or send an email or text to your phone with the location.

    I also went one further and created a QR Code (QR-Code Generator) for my app on my server and that turned out to be the easiest. Now I simply upload newer versions of my app and install using the QR Code to a phone.

    This also let's my guinea pigs, er um, my friends, to easily install my apps (or updates) to their phones.
  4. attackmaster

    attackmaster Lurker

    I like what I read but am still confused. I have an Adobe Air app I built. I have the Intall Package on my Laptop. I sync the phone with the laptop. I moved the Installer Package to my phone (at least it looks that way on my laptop) How do I install it? I have an HTC Incredable and do not know how to look at folders or even find the app I thought I put on the phone. Or do I want just the SWF?
  5. airon23

    airon23 Lurker

    If I'm not mistaken all you need to do is move the .apk file which can be found in the bin directory of where ever your project is saved. Then store that somewhere on your phone, then from your phone go to where you stored it and select the .apk file. It should prompt you to open it which doing so will then prompt you to install it on your phone. Make sure you have the development setting that allows you to download or install third party apps that are not approved through the market or something to that effect.
    Hope this helps.

    P.S. you should download the Astro file manager app which is an easy way to navigate through directories and the sd card which is probably where you save it to.
  6. cp1

    cp1 Android Enthusiast

  7. Droid Chris

    Droid Chris Newbie

    There are also free apk installer apps for droid. Put your apk on the phone (sd card) and open it with a free apk installer (once signed for debugging in eclipse).

    Android does not have a driver for Windows 7 yet, so this is the best way.

    I would like to try the server idea though. I have a website that I will shoot this on.
  8. Droid Chris

    Droid Chris Newbie

    I have downloaded my app as a debuggable one on my phone (this works for Windows 7).

    Here is how I did it:

    1. Ensure that the application has no errors
    2. Right click you app
    3. Go to android tools
    4. Select export signed package
    5. Select the project you want to export then click next
    6. Locate the debug keystore (mine was at C:\Users\MyUserName\.android\debug.keystore) then enter password "android"
    6. Then enter alias (eclipse will select the alias associated with the keystore) then enter password "android"
    7. Then click finish

    The .apk file associated with you app will now be signed for debugging which is valid for one year.

    So from here do the following:

    1. Locate your eclipse workspace folder (mine is a C:\workspace)
    2. Then go to your application folder
    3. From here go to bin and locate the .apk file associated with the project.
    4. From here I simply put the .apk file to the phone sd card and used the APK Installer to put on the phone.

    You can download this for free on the android market.

    The process is similiar for published (private key) applications on your phone.
  9. cp1

    cp1 Android Enthusiast

    There's no need to export or sign it or use your sd card. Just plug the phone into your computer over usb and run it in eclipse. Works fine on Windows 7.
  10. Droid Chris

    Droid Chris Newbie

    What driver did you use? I looked in the developer forum and they said that they do not support windows 7 for usb debugging.
  11. cp1

    cp1 Android Enthusiast

    I used whatever driver was on the website. I installed HTC sync as well a while ago if that makes a difference. It works fine.

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