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How to Edit apk manifest Android:installlocation through app or advice shell commands?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kumaranil13k, Jul 24, 2021.

  1. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    How to Edit apk manifest Android:installlocation through app or adb shell commands?

    I have Android 6.01 mobile without root. It have 16 GB total ROM from Which 11GB is occupied by Android OS and system apps. Remaining 5 GB for user data and apps.

    As Android 6.01 marshmallow have option To format as as internal but installing apps out of 100 user apps 70 user apps still store in internal memory and only 30 installed in internal formatted micro SD card. Which resulted again in full of internal memory and lack of.space .

    I googled and founded that many apps have are not movable programmed developed as system and configured to install on internal memory by default and not all apps move to external memory card

    So founded that we can change the install location. Parameter settings by modifying apps manifest and change the default Android location to external SD card which can make apps movable.

    Many .experts commented in forums that editing all manifest will disable apk updates as it's not digitally certificate signed and may crash or may act strange.

    For that I saw YouTube videos for editing app manifest with apps like apk editor app apk praser app which can edit and rebind and make apps digitally signed and finally making apps movable thus making apps movable.

    As I tired all editor app it worked fine with some apps. But still it's not working with All apps out of 10 ..6 apps location can be changed but it's fails in giving error and not installing for remaining 40%. ,

    Editing modifying Altering app mainfest Android :install location installs the software in internal memory first and then make app movable . We can move the individual app one by one to internal formatted external micro SD card this saving 40% of more space but not working 100℅.. it's time consuming.

    Now my queries are:-

    1. By editing apk manifest Android install location still it install in internal memory why not it installs directly to.external.card? Is there any another parameters of app manifest except default install location which can be edited modified to install directly to external SD card. Is there any app or advice shell fastboot Android script command which can make directly to install on external as card.

    2. By editing all manifest Android install location as it installs in internal memory and then moved to external the only it's static files are moved or all data hex or lib cache files folder are to moved to a external as card.

    3. As many some of the recompiled apk apps are not able to install or give error unable to praise file is there any more parameter can be altered modified which can make them move to.

    4. As the whole procedure of editing app mainfest then moving is time consuming work to edit then move one by one I do individually on 100 of apps is there any app or is there any script or.adb shell fast boot batch programmed file which can loop and do automatically to edit manifest file and move the app to external as card for all apps.

    5. Is it possible to save edited modifed recompiled rebuild apk file to later use on installing apps.

    6. Does install location. Changes on update of software again from external to internal memory on updating the app.

    7. Except apk editor is there Any other app which can make apps movable. Or edit alter modify apk mainfest and recompile rebuild apk file with digital signed certificate.

    Any more suggestions advice opinions expert advices are most welcome.i am.novice and new learner of Android kindly guide me.the correct way procedure to do it.

    Thanks in advance ice for.precious time advice op OK noon sharing your knowledge and answering to my queries .

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  2. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    You are going to greatly diminish the performance of the apps by putting them on an SD card.

    You will find other issues as well.

    The SD card will have a very short lifespan, and when it dies, everything on it is gone.

    What device do you have that is 16GB, yet 11GB of that is taken up by the system?

    That seems like an excessive amount of space for an OS of a device with only 16GB to begin with.

    My 5.1.1 (ZTE Maven 812) has the worst system size to total memory ratio of all my devices. The device has 8GB total and the system occupies 4.15GB of that.

    My 7.1.1 (ZTE 557 VL) has 16GB like yours, but the system only occupies 6.16GB, leaving almost 10GB for the user.

    Even better, one of my 9's (Moto e6) also is a 16GB device, and the system only occupies 5.2GB.

    The two GO devices that I have, an 8.1.0 (Poblano VLE5) and a 9 (ZTE Z3351S), are 8GB and 16GB respectively.

    The 8.1.0 system is only 2.6GB, and the 9 system is only 1.6GB!

    So I find it rather strange that your system is taking up so much of your space.

    It would seem to me that some of your system apps have grown very large.
    In my mind, it would most likely be some Google apps.

    It would be best if you could figure out what apps you can do without, disable, or revert back to their original sizes.

    There are usually quite a few system apps that can be cut down or all the way out.

    Another great way to save space is to use your browser to access all websites that you have apps for.

    Apps like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others can be eliminated altogether and accessed by the browser instead.
    Just log in with your browser, and save the bookmark.
    As long as you don't clear cookies, you will remain logged in.

    And don't forget to go through your apps once in a while and clear the caches.
    You won't lose any valuable data, and you can save a ton of space.

    But first work to see why your OS is so big on that device.
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  3. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    All that being said, I totally skipped over the Android 6 version of devices.
    Most of what I have seen from them makes me glad that I did not get one.

    So I am not real familiar with the ins and outs if the OS, but I know that some similarities must exist between it and the systems that I do have.

    If you are dead set on putting apps onto the SD card- and I highly recommend NOT doing that- then open your developers options and scroll down until you find

    Force allow apps on external.

    This alone may make apps moveable, but I doubt it.

    Usually, you must also format the SD card as internal storage- making the device consider and use the SD card as internal memory.

    I did this one time, and the SD card only lasted about three months.
    When it died, everything on it was gone forever.

    Also, if the SD card is formated as internal, it will thereafter be incompatible with any other device.
    That means that no other device can or will be able to access anything on that card.
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  4. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @puppykickr bro firstly thanks for your precious advice time and sharing knowledge opinions I am really grateful thankful to you.

    @puppykickr bro your are right about as cRd problem I purchased sandisk pro plus 64 GB high speed memory card with good random read write speed but truth will be slow then internal from chips. Still technology still waiting to get SD card with speed efficient and durability sustanability of internal memory.

    @puppykickr bro in Android 6.0 on my mobile there is no option. In developer option of force allow apps on external or. Prefer install location to SD card.knlg it have option to format as card as internal memory

    After trying format as card as internal still problem.is that when I installed 100 user apps 70 user apps saved in internal memory and 30 user apps saved in micro SD external card formatted as internal and rest 70 apps are not movable without option of change or move to sd card . And those 70 user apps installed in internal memory filled the remaining 4-5 GB of 16b (11GB with os+system apps).

    Now I had two options left to create space first to root device which make mobile device valunerable even cleaners like SD maid of cleaner may delete any system files and by mistake may make brick or corrupt OS it malware spyware chances to effect. After rooting to apps will not be move Automatically Tomas Eve. We have to use link2sd or app2sd apps to move apps to SD card or some.Android programming scripts or settings changes.

    Second option is without root is to change the all manifest default Android location which can be done by all editor easily which I tried which out of 70 internal apps made 40-50 user apps movable but left out 30 usrr apps are still in internal memory

    On your concern of apps crashing or apps misfunctioning . Apps have two type of file one is static and one is randomly used files. Static files are apps files which are often used and randomly used is cache lib hex or data files. As per knowledge when we move app to SF or format as internal and then move apps to SD card then android only moves partially static files to SD card and the data lib cache hex randomly used files remains in internal storage. Whereas when we use link2sd pro after rooting it has option to move data cache and hex lib files to which makes card unstable and slow bcoz as card will access randomly else the apps static files will be used solely whenever we opens files.as many times we opens only certain apps once or twice in year hardly used.

    On your concern of Sandusky pro SD card damage it's have 10 years warranty which can be claimed and to protect my data I will create droid or create a backup image file of ad card and mobile phone and recover if it happens

    So I asked any more settings or apps to edit manifest if you or some.one can Help advice for the same
  5. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @puppykickr bro thanks a lot for your precious time advice opinion time And sharing your knowledge experiences.

    @puppykickr bro what a great answer impressed nice great comparison on different Android versions of OS and system apps occupied space. Yes you are right Google apps updates are increasing and every month new update comes and occupied space but in factory reset the default old original files to take 9.8 to 11 GB in starting and they increase as we update new software. Yes I have disable unused Google system apps so that they not get updated and used like Google news Google weather Google games...And many bloatwares but they hardly matters bcoz they take hardly take few 50-100 MB space still.MB counts. The major big system apps are chrome Google gmail Google drive Google sheet slides documents Android web view Android acceibilty and many such important apps which are more then 100-300mb before after updates.

    Your advice was good to use website the. Apps.. but chrome website viewing creates great caches and memory to bcoz internet browisng what we view is generally all photos pages saved locally in cache so that browsing is speeded up.

    The major problem is that all government in India I s going digital all government vaccines medical employment police. Municipality launching apps. Nowadays railway air ticketing billing mobile.recharge job matrimonial professional.forums technical designing professional video recovery social networking works all are converted to apps. And on .Moment we never know at a certain dY when we need at urgent apps and some time we don't have time or data ti.e to install configure apps.its better to keep installed in SD card whenever in year we require open and use. So there are 3-4 -10. Apps to use try and then unistall after trying.

    Yes we can use websites but apps can be configured to update...And I use mobile for designing Advt poster logo photo editing in my professional.circle and some tailor.made companies software's to....So it's typical to need may be 100-200 apps may be decreased. Later on

    I am.planning to take some new 64gb or 128gb Samsung m30 phone but waiting for 5g launch in India and till want to try test apps timeout selected apps on mobile which make my professional daily work manage and easier
  6. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    So, it seems that you are using Chrome?

    That is most likely a huge memory hog.

    Try this browser instead.


    In fact, not only is it smaller, but much faster.
    It is easilly able to be customized, and there are also multiple legitimate versions of it available.

    It is FOSS, and uses the Android System Webview that is built into the device.

    It allows unlimited tabs and unlimited bookmarks.

    I have used it and varients of it for years.
    If you have questions or want certain features, let me know.

    Once you get all your bookmarks into it, disable Chrome, and then uninstall all of the updates for it.

    Also, a little known secret is that G-Mail will work just fine at its lowest version on the device.
    So, although you will need to reset your personal settings, you can uninstall all updates on it and it will work great and save space.

    The Google app that must be kept updated is Google Play Services.
    And you can still delete the cache.

    Also, it seems that you have a very large amount of apps on your device.
    70-100 user apps?

    How can one person use so many apps?

    Perhaps another thing to consider is saving just the apk of apps you don't use much onto the SD card, and uninstalling them from the device.

    How nuch RAM does the device have?
    It is a good rule of tbumb to leave at least that much open memory on a device.

    On my 1GB RAM devices I leave at least 1GB of open memory, and on my 2 GB devices I leave at least 2GB of open memory.

    This gives apps the ability to grow while they are being used, improving performance.
    Both system and user apps benefit from this.

    Do you have any security or antivirus apps on the device?
    These can be gotten rid of entirely.
    Boosters, cleaners, coolers, battery savers, the same thing.
    These apps only take up space and cause other problems.

    Another option to consider is online storage.

    There is Degoo, which offers 100GB of free storage.
    (You must log in at least once every three months for the account to stay active.)

    You can also use Telegram, which offers unlimited online storage.
    (Limit of 2GB per file, I think.)

    Personally, I use both.
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  7. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @puppykickr bro ur gr8 what a new style new perspective different and new advice comments than lots and hr8 knowledge bro God bless you i am.really greatful to you and God .

    Yes I use opera lite Firefox lit and chrome I will surely try this browser but more I use chrome as chrome and Firefox have many extension yes they make slow but I use to extensions to download whole websites to view offline for.study or download videos of websites or auto form.filling and mNy type of extension I. Laptop and pc and some.in mobile. Thanks I will try your browser.

    @puppykickr bro gr8 advice for.gmail uninstall updates and use older version...As in pc laptop we can used to configure gmail in outlook express is there Any lite or 3rd parry gmail or.gmail lite app if your kindly tell.

    Yes google play services and Google play store auto update I tried once to unistall update whole mobile performed hanged and got hanged and at last have to factory reset yes I do clear cache of Google play service and.store but it grows and recreates within seconds minutes.

    What is use if system apps Google , currents, Android system web view, Google drive Google.map,google photo, Android accessebility suit keep hangout can I disable what's the use these all get update to often

    There I once tried to root my android 5.1 phone with 8gb from and 6 GB occupied I rooted and tried to forcefully disable it.unistall system.softwares but it crashed and hanged dominators disable being Google apps updates

    @puppykickr bro yes great advice to keep all files of used apps and install and install them.i will consider this way thank for advice opinions

    The reason of using to.much apps

    The major problem is that all government in India I s going digital all government vaccines medical employment police. Municipality launching apps. Nowadays railway air ticketing billing mobile.recharge job matrimonial professional.forums technical designing professional video recovery social networking works all are converted to apps. And on .Moment we never know at a certain dY when we need at urgent apps and some time we don't have time or data ti.e to install configure apps.its better to keep installed in SD card whenever in year we require open and use. So there are 3-4 -10. Apps to use try and then unistall after trying.

    Yes we can use websites but apps can be configured to update...And I use mobile for designing Advt poster logo photo editing in my professional.circle and some tailor.made companies software's to....So it's typical to need may be 100-200 apps may be decreased. Later on

    @puppykickr bro thanks a lot, I have 3 GB RAM.on current.mibile and Octacore snapdragon processor in Android 6 and other 2 mobiles of Android 5 have quad core Qualcomm processors with 2gn ram and.all have 16gb from internal and one oldest one have 8gb from

    In computer we use to end task for freeing memory not create increase virtual page file.memory to increase speed and I. Linux there is option of swap.memory but have to root for it

    How can we see how much ram.isnused by which app in Android and how can we stop memory resident apps in Android from starting at booting so that when necessary it runs only at that time not residing in memory any app or procedure to do it. Any app or Android settings.. I found Android task manager which kills apps but it self resides and. Sed advertisements.

    @puppykickr bro thanks again I don't use any antivirus malware itbslows and acts as viruses .Any times.

    But if rooted would have to.fimd antivirus for that..As cleaner I use android which cleans system and corpse...
    But founded that it works good if rooted as more corpse and system.junks I system which it can clean...

    Once j rooted and uSed cleaner and master.cleaner it deleted some.system.filesmin root which made phone hanging slow down and illegal operation had to indoor and.restore the phone back that's why fear rooting ...May be we had such llocking pc.laptop to windows registry and system.files which malware won't effect

    I think Android is safe till it's not rooted and virus can't corrupt damage system.file as it's locked but yes it can steal.copy data like contact camera call record or.photo...Do use know any vpn or firewall which can protect mobile from.internet hacking make it anti hackable

    @puppykickr bro lots of thanks for this I was finding out storage in was using Google drive and Dropbox but 15 GB is less good ones thanks a lot u for name do degoo and telegram are free or some.plan and do they have e any app to download aipload and use as a folder drive in Android windows folders

    Thanks for All advices And new knowledge And information great brother thanks a lot
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  8. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    For downloading, there is an amazing browser/downloader combo that I use extensively.

    It actually uses a modded version of Lightning (the browser I posted a link to earlier) and combines it with the best downloader I have ever used.

    Originally it was called IDM+, but now it is called 1dm+ or something like that.

    There is a free version and a paid version.


    This app has the best features of Lightning, and has the ability to download almost anything.

    You can even use it as your default browser.
  9. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    In order to see how much RAM each running app is using, open developers options and select Running services.

    Click the overflow icon (three dots) and then Show cached processes to see cached processes.

    Click again (twice) to see running services again.

    If you want more control over what is running, try Greenify.

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  10. kumaranil13k

    kumaranil13k Member
    Thread Starter

    @puppykickr bro thanks a lot for sharing your precious time knowledge advice opinions. Bro Greenify works in rooted mobile or does it work on unrooted to. IDM is used to download apkmpr songs videos...Does it download website HTML pages to?

    Thank a lot

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