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How to empty the trash folder??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nashfh, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Is it me or is there no way to empty the trash folder with one click? How is this possible with the level of technology? How could it get through UAT without this feature?

  2. necosino

    necosino Android Expert

    What trash folder? Once you delete something, it's gone for good.
  3. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    No it's not. It goes to <<open email app>> then Menu > Folders > Trash.....at least mine do.
  4. mrjinglesusa

    mrjinglesusa Android Enthusiast

    Emptying Trash in your mail program is going to be dependent on the program and whether you are using a POP, IMAP, or Exchange account. It will also depend on your settings in the mail program with regard to what it should do with deleted emails (i.e., delete on phone, delete on server, etc.).

    In K-9 email, you can empty the trash folder by pressing and holding on the trash folder until menu comes up and then clicking Empty Trash. Doesn't get easier than that.
  5. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am using the stock Email app. I have it set to delete mail on server and there really aren't any other deleting mail options. I tried the pressing and holding of the folder and it doesn't seem to do the trick.
  6. upther

    upther Android Enthusiast

    it should automatically delete emails from your trash once they get a certain date. I just looked in my trash folder and the oldest email is from June 2nd.
  7. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So maybe it's tied to Send % Receive > Download options? I have it set to Download all. I suppose if I changed that to Last 3 days it may only store that many days in the Trash, however, I believe it would only store that many days of emails in the Inbox, which I wouldn't want to happen.
  8. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Still no solution?
  9. skunis1

    skunis1 Android Enthusiast

    I am trying to figure this out as well. Not sure if it auto deletes mail based on the Download setting (which I have set to 3 days). Of course there is no explanation in the manual of what that setting does. I figured it out when email in my inbox was disappearing.

    A better title to that option may have been Auto Delete Mail with a check for on or off and then a settings tab below.

    I also do not understand why some people's email app sizes continues to grow. I had to do a factory reset but that was before I knew of the mail issue with memory. I am trying to keep an eye on it. I have only one account and my memory has been around 7mb since I reset the phone and that was a little over a week ago.
  10. westside

    westside Member

    Only solution I came up with after hours of searching was to basically delete the account and re-add it.

    Since November I had accumulated 4400 emails in my trash folder which were taking up 63MB!

    Yes you can individually select emails in the trash folder and they go away for good when you delete them but there is NO "select all".
  11. skunis1

    skunis1 Android Enthusiast

    There sure is a select all choice. When you are in the trash folder you click menu > delete > menu > mark all. Then you click delete.

    Voila! :D
  12. westside

    westside Member

    So i found this thread by searching. I didn't notice it was for the Incredible. I have up 2.1update1 on my Moto Droid. There is defnitely no delete option from the menu.

    I have 5 options when I select menu from within the trash folder: Refresh, Compose, Folders, Acounts, Accout Settings
  13. skunis1

    skunis1 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, sorry can't help with a Droid.
  14. Igon

    Igon Lurker

    I am using a Motorola Droid running 2.2 and I can confirm the issue is the same on 2.1.

    I can only speak to an Exchange server as I do not have any POP accounts configured.

    When I delete an email from Outlook it does go to Trash on the phone. Then, when I empty my Deleted Items from Outlook, the email DOES delete from the phone.

    The problem come when deleting on the phone. When I delete an email from my phone's Inbox it goes to Trash on the phone AND Deleted Items in Outlook. Then, when I empty my Deleted Items from Outlook, the email DOES NOT delete from the phone.

    If you delete an email from the phone's Inbox and then delete it again from the Trash folder, it DOES get removed from Outlook's Deleted Items.

    A possible workaround, which is not very pleasant, would be to only delete emails from Outlook and not the phone.

    The better answer is for Google to resolve this issue and then we could all be done with it.

    Hope this helps
  15. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    How are people setting it to delete from server or delete after so many days?? I am running 2.2 and non of those options are in my email account settings. Please help!
  16. jimothy24

    jimothy24 Lurker

    I agree, this is a tedium, and nuisance. I just learned that my trash folder has over 3000 emails in it for one account, and over 2000 in my other. I've always been severely annoyed by the fact that there is no Select All option; especially since there is a Deselect All option.

    When the Moto Droid first came out, you couldn't setup a signature for your personal accounts. You could for your GMail account, but any additional POP, IMAP or Exchange accounts just didn't have the setting. My droid also likes to alert me incessantly that I have an email. Even after I Mark it Read, it will still notify me consistently that I have a new email. The only way to stop this is to open the email then close it, or delete the new email messages from the inbox. This issue does not occur consistently, but it does happen often enough to be a pain in the butt.

    I think the Moto Droid was a good idea, with a bad follow through. The phone was replaced on the market within a month after it's release, and all of us First Generation Droid owners just screwed ourselves by buying it. Both of my brothers have Samsung Fascinate's and they are very nice phones. I've always stuck by Samsung for the rest of my electronics, and that is a plan that I'm going to apply toward phones in the future. Here is my plan to resolve this issue once and for all; frankly I think it's a good plan.

    1. Delete my email accounts from Android Email.
    2. Download K-9 Mail (Free App) to manage my mail in the future
      1. The user interface is not the greatest, everything is small and squashed together, but it does provide necessary functions such as select all, empty trash, etcetera.
    3. Wait 6 months for Verizon to give me a free upgrade.
      1. During this time I will call Verizon several times and complain about my phone, their service and everything. Maybe I will get lucky and they'll give me my upgrade early.
    4. After my 6 months is over, I have two choices.
      1. Buy a new phone at Verizon's "Discounted" price. However, this would mean that I would have to sell my soul to
        Verizon for another two years.....
      2. Move to Sprint and be done with it. Get a higher level Android phone with 4G.
    5. Whatever I decide to do, the last step remains the same. At this point I will turn my Moto Droid into an improvised explosive, and take it to a quiet little place in the middle of nowhere to watch it transform itself into millions of tiny bits.
  17. conniered

    conniered Lurker

    I have only OPEN and REFRESH on my LG Ally when I select menu from within the trash folder. :thinking:
  18. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Extreme Android User

    post here with your problem:

  19. bethoxford

    bethoxford Lurker

    I found a shortcut. It is not a true select all but it beats the heck out of checking each email to be deleted. Go into your trash folder. Check one of the emails to be deleted. Press and hold down the delete button. The longer you hold down the delete button the more emails are deleted. It seems to run about one email per second. It doesn't look like anything is happening until you exit out to the folder list and you will see the number in the trash folder has decreased by the amont of time you held the button down.
  20. jimschn

    jimschn Lurker

    True, this does work...but I have 7,665 emails in my trash and don't have the patience to sit there and delete individually. When I "select all" and press delete, k-9 shuts down. Any other solutions?
  21. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I'm having the same problem only 1048 emails in trash but I can't get rid of them. sick and tired of K9 right now. Uses almost 70mb when running at the moment, dog slow and more than a little flakey.

    Do people like it because it's open source and got tons of features, or because it's actually good. Just installed maildroid, wondering if it's worth $18
  22. gden

    gden Lurker

    Clues are above. This has annoyed me since I got K-9. Press and hold Trash folder, select "Empty Trash" and wait. it seems to update/delete one screen at a time. I was going in and out of the folder to see the updates but when I stopped part way through process to post a response to this thread it continued to delete without me doing anything else. Be patient.
  23. briguy2

    briguy2 Lurker

    Still can't do it on android tablet 3.2........sad
  24. lmarko

    lmarko Lurker

    I was having the same problem (3,700+ messages), but i may have found a solution.

    I selected the folder list from the menu button. Pressed and held the trash folder and a sub menu came up. Selected "Clear local messages" and waited.

    5 minutes later my trash folder was EMPTY! Hooray!! No more deleted emails!!
  25. smbingham

    smbingham Lurker

    to Imarko. what kind of phone do you have? mine doesn't have 'clear local messages' option. the only thing that works for me is checking check boxes on left of deleted messages in trash folder and then hitting delete. i can delete a few dozen at a time but still have over 2500. a real defect in the program.

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