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How to exchange phones for a "better" model?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by pikappetapi022, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. pikappetapi022

    pikappetapi022 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    First post!

    I'm new to this forum and found it when researching the Eris to see if it would be a good new phone for me. I used to think phones were just for calls and texting, boy was I wrong! This forum has turned me into a phone techy!

    I've done a lot of reading on this forum and it's gotten me really excited about getting my Eris!

    I think I've out-researched and over thought myself right out of the Eris! I've read so much about this HTC super-phone running 2.1, huge Snapdragon screen and Sense UI that now I'm scared to buy now..........

    so if I buy now and the superphone comes out in "early Jan" how do I go about returning the Eris for the super phone?????Do I claim I don't like it or it doesn't preform as I would like...what do I tell the sales associate?

    Thanks for taking the time to help out a tech. challenged phone newbie!


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  2. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    It's a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Tell them whatever you want. About the worst thing you could say is that you're returning it because it was just an interim solution waiting for another phone. Anything else should be acceptable. If something bigger and better comes out, I'd just say the screen is too small for your clumsy typing. 3.7" is a considerable upgrade on screen size over the Eris. It's what I would say.
  3. proginski

    proginski Newbie

    But after that 30 days you are pretty much stuck with that phone. So if the super phone comes out at day 31 to bad. Just wanted to warn you of that.

  4. alexthearmo

    alexthearmo Member

    Also...just so you are aware...The Nexus One (the super phone you're talking about) is not going to be on Verizon...so you'd have to cancel your contract and move over to T-Mobile. Just wanted to warn you, and hope I didn't spoil your plans. (They did say it's possible that they will make a CDMA version of the phone later, which will work on Sprint and Verizon).

  5. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    This depends on if you're a current Verizon subscriber or not. You can always return your phone on day 30 if at least some news hinting at a release date comes out in that time, which it might. If you have an old phone to fall back to, you can always do that and re-commit when the new phone comes out. Doesn't have to be an exchange.
  6. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    the eris is not considered by verizon to be a high end phone. the nexus one shouldn't even be discussed here because its not verizons. the next verizon 'high end android phone' is coming from HTC sometime in the middle of january (i heard 2nd-3rd week) - it will be the 2nd 'high-end android phone on verizon' to compete with droids open source OS. this may be the 'htc incredible' that has been circulating around and will most likely include the snapdragon processor or hardware that can handle things better. the eris has a 2 year old processor AND is NOT open source in which Android OS was made for. that is the reason we are waiting in line for the darn update to come, if it didn't have to work around the SENSE then we'd have it already. already planning on taking it back (even for the droid because it is open source, i mean they are already running 2.1).. it does not multitask well (slower cpu and less memory) and after my xmas frustrations with the phone, im only using it now as something to hold me over... i won't go into what my xmas frustrations now.

    as for the 30 day exchange, just tell them your not satisfied with the phone. do it on the last day for all they care. i had a bb tour and took it back 2 months after i had it because i was not aware that android was coming to verizon. if u find a good manager to talk to and willing to work with its high paying customers, you will find yourself pleased.

    the eris is a good phone no doubt, but the fact that people are NOW finding that they need to turn off senseUI in order to get rid of lag is discouraging. if you pay for sense, you should get sense. u should not have to turn it off to get 'home', for if i wanted home, i woulda gotten a droid in the first place. the big reason i will be returning the phone is the hardware however, 2 years old... when i heard this i was not happy. and hardware you cannot do anything about :( i love this phone, i hate the decisions they made in pushing it out as they did.

    just get something u think u'll b happy with, try it, and if ur not pleased or want something else w/in your 30 days. exchange it. however you only get one exchange so make it a good decision.
  7. pikappetapi022

    pikappetapi022 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    The new super phone I'm thinking of waiting for is the HTC incredible/passion/ etc but I can't decide to wait or not.....but i guess a lot of people can't decide what to do either!!!!

    I'll just be excited to get a new phone whatever I decide
  8. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    @kraze0g - are you saying the HTC phone due out in mid-January for Verizon won't have Sense? It'll be straight up Android?
  9. kraze0g

    kraze0g Android Enthusiast

    heh, of course it'll have sense i believe. thats htc's trademark. that opens a whole new can of worms. but i believe if it has hardware thats not 2 years old, it will perform very well. but the fact that its not true open-source android will be a downfall.

    im sincerely thinking about going to the store tomarrow and exchanging for the droid. im tired of waiting for the 'best' phone when new ones are going to keep being pushed out -- plus there's always a work around in getting verizon to exchange your phone multiple times (done it). i think the droid has enough power for me and plus i'd rather spend an extra 100 dollars over the eris to get a droid than look at an extra 200 dollars for something due out. thats getting way steep in price, even if it does have more power.
  10. Droidn00b

    Droidn00b Well-Known Member

    You're pretty lucky then. The reps at my local store, including the manager, make a HUGE deal about one exchange!

    I took my Eris in to get a Blackberry (which I don't like for Internet browsing) and got into a major argument with the manager. He tried to make me believe I'm the only one who's complained about the Android smartphones. That might be true but my town has a population of no more than 12,000 people.

    Then he told me that I'm only allowed one exchange. Tell me something I don't know! I've only exchanged once with each of the two plans I have (including last night). I reminded him of that. He kept arguing and I told him he shouldn't bother because he's not honoring Verizon's Worry Free Guarantee. The guy said that they'd allowed me to exchange too many times. What?

    The reps closed their stations before closing time although I was already in the store. One of them asked me to come back the following day. I said that was unacceptable. She tried to talk me out of trying the BB and the manager said if the store has too many returns, it makes them look bad for not making sure the customer chooses "the right phone". One rep told me to go to a store in a town 40 miles from here because it was "still open" and I was asked if I really needed a PDA/smartphone. Why would I buy one if I didn't want an advanced phone? :rolleyes:

    The manager did let me have the BB, of course, but the hassle I get every time I go in to just play with the phones is unwarranted. Most of the phones on display don't work because customers mess with them too much. I can't get online. If I ask for help, I'm usually told "Yeah, somebody's probably done something to it." My only choice is to buy a phone if I want to test drive it. That's just wrong, in my opinion.

    I'm returning the BB soon and keeping my Droid. Then I'll just have one voice and data plan to worry about each month.

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