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How to explain "a Tablet Computer" for dummies

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by G~JOOSE, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. G~JOOSE

    G~JOOSE Member
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    Aug 28, 2010
    Nassau, Bahamas
    Good day dear readers,
    to get straight to the point, I own a desktop PC, a netbook, a android smart phone, and recently bought a XOOM. Besides the three out of four devices, I am having a tricky time explaining the concept and the purpose of a Tablet. Very often when I use my Xoom in social areas, I would be question as to what is a tablet and why should a person get one. To be honest, I had no need for the addition as I am covered by my other devices when doing some tasks. So I am still trying to find a sole purpose for this device.

    So after extensive use, I can say that it is very efficient at accessing the internet and emails and the battery life is astounding. Also because of the larger screen real estate (than my phone) and its lighter weight (than my desktop) it is a good tool in it own rank and I only find my Xoom competing with my netbook. Well head to head, my netbook advantage is that I have windows 7 with me so this is heavy processing on the go. The disadvantage is the battery life is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Well the xoom is the size of my netbook screen and is very interactive unlike the fix layout of the netbook. My Xoom also gives a more robust multimedia experience. Reading ebooks is best with a tablet. It is also useful for presenting documents as the dimension flips to portrait to show the whole document. Not to mention GPS in conjunction with maps and I could enter or check out data while standing or walking.

    Now as is, I have all my devices synchronizing its data and this is very convenient for me. My cell phone is always with me and I can use it to make quick modifications if the need be or browse online when the need hits. When I have some time and would like to read a book, browsing the web or would like some entertainment while I wait someplace, the Xoom is my device. If I am leaving home and going to need the ability to do heavy processing, my netbook. And my desktop is the boss overseeing everything. Now all my devices does whatever the next one can but each have a level that offers something over the next.

    So as I conclude (and would explain to the questionaries), the tablet is a very capable device that brings a level of convenience to the user. At best, it is an luxurious extension to a system setup that improves the way you do things. No you don't need it, but it is sure nice to have.

    So to each his own, what do you think of a Tablet?


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  2. ebusinesstutor

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Nanaimo, BC Canada
    A tablet has two main advantages over a netbook that I see.

    1. Touchscreen
    2. Portability

    A touchscreen is more intuitive than the usual mouse options and is a great way not only to interact with a device but to play games. Many touch screen games are just not as much fun with a keyboard.

    Although netbooks are small and fairly portable, they need to be on a table or on your lap. A small tablet like a 5-7" can be comfortably held in one hand - great for ebook and news reading.

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