How To How to factory reset the Huawei Mate 8

Whether you're selling your phone or trying to restore it to its old glory, a factory reset allows you to erase everything and start over. The process is very easy, but remember there is no going back after the factory reset is complete. Make sure you have all important files backed up.

mate 8 reset.png

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Scroll down and select Advanced Settings
  3. Scroll down to Backup & reset
  4. Select Factory data reset
  5. At the bottom there is a checkbox for Erase internal storage. Uncheck if you'd like to keep photos, music, etc.
  6. Select Reset phone
  7. Enter your PIN or password (if you have one)
  8. Select Reset phone
The Mate 8 will reboot and be just like it was the very first time you powered it on.