Help how to find out how much space each app is taking in internal memory


I use AppMgr III (formerlly App 2 sd) to move most of my app's to my SD card but I just found out that that only moves part of the app so now I'd like to know how much space on the internal storage each app is taking because despite moving all the app's that can be moved my internal storage is running real low on space but my SD card still has lots of free space so I'd like to find out how to tell how much internal storage each of the moved app's is still taking up


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As I don't have a phone with an SD card I don't know how one can tell these days - it may depend on Android version. I'd have thought that if you are using a third party app to move apps the obvious thing would be to see whether it can tell you. Just out of curiosity, is this the old Android 2.3-style "move to SD" or the old root-based hack of moving apps to a separate partition on the SD card? It will make some difference to what is moved (in the latter case you may even have some control over what is moved).

But as a rule, the old-style move to SD would move maybe half of the installed app (the fraction depends on the relative size of different elements of the app, and can vary significantly), and would not move the apps' data or cache. With many apps the data + cache are larger than the app itself. So if the reason you want to know about individual apps is to know which ones you should get rid of, try looking at their data and cache usage instead (caches can be cleared with no loss, the effect of clearing data depends on the app: you don't usually have the option of being selective).

If your phone supports formatting the card as internal storage you can move data and cache, and some of the tools that use a separate partition plus root also allow such stuff to be moved (provided you used and ext2/3/4 filesystem on the partition rather than FAT32 or exFAT). But be aware that that can affect performance (sd cards are slower than internal storage) and will increase card wear dramatically, reducing the lifetime of the SD card (the app elements, like apk and library, are typically written once and then unchanged unless you update the app, while data and cache are constantly being written/modified when you use the app, so there are many more write cycles if you move them to sd).


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Android version 11
And it's using the built-in move app to sd card not the root hack you mentioned
And I've been using it for a while now with no noticeable issues aside from an extended boot time when the tablet gets restarted which is maybe once a month or so


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You really should not put apps onto an SD card.

They take a performance hit, whether you notice it or not.

Also, as you have seen for yourself, the space you can save is minimal at best.

Pretty much, you are trying to put 10lbs of potatoes into a 5lbs bag.

The best thing,for any device is to keep the user memory at around 70%.

That is because apps grow as they are used, and when theyare updated.
Some space must be left available for this, and remember that the system apps are always running too, so they will also need some more space sometimes.

This fact became extremely clear to me when I got a new device and had not filled it with myfavorite apps yet.
The apps that I had put on it, that were the same apps as my other devices, would get much bigger on the new device, and faster.

Well, because there is more space for them to use- and so they do.
An app on a device that is already overfull will be compromised and not able to grow as is intended.

Yes, this situation sucks.
Memory is a premium.
Yes, I have been in your position, what with the low cost devices that I use, that have limited resources.

The simple solutions?
A device with the memory required to handle all the apps that I want, ie. $$$- or multiple devices.

For $40-$50 I can get another device, and have great performance for my apps.

A bit of a pain?
But nothing compared to trying to move apps around with poor results and then constantly monitiring (or trying to) how much memory each app is using.

I have resisted the urge to get a tablet, as they cost much more than a phone that has better specs.

Use your SD card for personal media- pics, videos, documennts, etc.

Use the internal memory for apps.
If there is not enough room, then you need less apps or more memory.