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How to Fix Android Device’s Screen Stays ON While Charging

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by voxuanvy, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Usually, the Android phone screen turns off automatically while it is charging. However, this might not happen for some devices where the screen stays on, even if you set it for auto shut off at a specific time.

    Or, the issue is sometimes triggered as you receive text messages. That is to say your Android lock screen stays off until you receive a text message. With your device being charged, the screen never automatically goes back to sleep. The light gets dim, but it stays lit until you physically press the lock button.

    The situation is very annoying, especially at night. So if you’re facing this issue, follow the below guide to fix it.

    There are certain reasons that could cause your Android phone’s screen to stay on while charging. These include:

    1/ The Stay Awake feature is turned on
    2/ The Daydream feature is turned on
    3/ Your phone is connected to the computer
    4/ The charging cable is faulty

    We’ll get around the above options step-by-step, and possibly resolve the issue.

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