J S Machine

Jul 28, 2010
I've had an issue with my RAZR maxx for about 4 months now. It seems to be getting worse. My video playback is not correct. It looks like what is described in this link:


The most prominent place I see this is with Facebook, but now it has moved to website videos too. The audio is fine but the picture part of the video is just a black and white jumbled up mess.

I have tried reinstalling Facebook and clearing caches and some other things. Nothing has worked.

I would be greatful if anybody has an answer for this. It makes having the phone almost worthless.
Same problem even did a reset yes Wiped Cache Partition. Searched and found many with this problem no solution found. Time to dump droid??
Droid Razr Maxx Hd Build date July 2014 1GB RAM 32GB ROM System Version 182.46.15.XT926.Verizon.en.US Was new sealed 2016. Sounds like it may be just out dated? Thanks for replying Thom.