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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Y brick phone using Odin v1.85 also fixes bootloops

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AgentHacKER, May 1, 2012.

  1. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    Steps How to Unbrick your galaxy y (SoftBrick)
    1.Download Odin V1.85 on your Computer Odin3-v1.85.zip - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download
    2.Download S5360DDLA1 Android AdvicesGalaxy Y S5360 - Steps to Install Official Global Gingerbread DDLA1 2.3.6 Firmware
    After you Install it Extract the Odin on your computer and Click Odin v1.85 and After you downloaded your original firmware, extract it also to your computer..
    3.After that shut down your phone and put it on download mode :)
    4.Connect your Android Phone to your PC and Open Odin
    5.And u will see a yellow box on the left side it means your phone is connected with the PC
    6. Now click PIT and go to your extracted s5360 ddla1 and open that file and select totoro_0623.pit
    7.same thing you do on Bootloader, PDA, Phone and CsC
    8.now check if everything is done and press start ..
    9.wait for the flashing to finish
    10. If its finish do not unplugged the usb cable yet until rebooting is done
    :cool: Click Thanks If I HELPED :D ;)

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Welcome aboard. :)

    Thanks for sharing your solution - hopefully this will come in handy for anyone who would be unfortunate to find themselves in this situation.
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  3. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    Oh thank you :) its my pleasure to post this one.. i appreciate your welcome :) i hope i will help some one on my post :D
  4. DnNy

    DnNy Lurker

    Thank you Very much for solving my issue :) :) :)
    [I have tried many times with Odin V1.83 and it didn't work]
  5. harrykg

    harrykg Lurker

    pardon my ignorance..but what is a softbrick?..in what ways does a phone gets bricked? i have seen this method earlier in androidadvices.com..but they were for just 4 updating the firmware..didnt know we could unbrick a bricked phone..please reply soon..
  6. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    Its my pleasure to help you :) hit thanks if i helped :D
  7. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    Softbrick is your phone is stuck in bootloop and u cannot go to recovery mode,
    u can go to download mode only :)

    sorry for my english :D

    hit thanks if i helped
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  8. harrykg

    harrykg Lurker

    thanx..but what r the other types of bricking...
  9. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    the Hardbricked when your phone is dead and you cannot go to recovery and downlaoad mode :)) and u cannot switch on your phone

    hit thanks if i helped|
    :D :thumbup:
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  10. symon15

    symon15 Lurker

    im so excited to follow this instruction to fix my new phone :D
    i hope i can understand this because im just a 15 year old :D
    please help me GOD :)
  11. symon15

    symon15 Lurker

    nothing happen :( please help me for other solution . thanks
    it is also stuck in the startscreen but now capital letter S is now appearing in my logo and its moving . but nothing happens it keeps on appearing capital letter S ? please help me
  12. aaronpaulo

    aaronpaulo Lurker

    Thank you so much I've able to revive my phone through your guide.:D
  13. Ripshod

    Ripshod Lurker

    OMG, thank you so much. Bricked mine yesterday and couldn't find a rom that would work. Til I stumbled on this topic :D
  14. jemgaleon

    jemgaleon Lurker

    Bricked mine yesterday. I just installed a custom rom and it got stock on the the booting thing. I will try this method and hit thanks if it works! anyway, thank you for posting this. This might be a great help for my phone. HAHA

    By the way, what is on the step 2?
    2.Download S5360DDLA1 Android AdvicesGalaxy Y S5360 - Steps to Install Official Global Gingerbread DDLA1 2.3.6 Firmware
    How will I know if mine is S5360DDLA1??? and how to find my original firmware?
  15. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    hahaha :) i know God will help you and hit thanks if ip helped :))
    Im only 12 :D Lol
    and im fixing bricked phones :D
  16. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    Umm,, did u follow the steps correctly?
    try again,, if this step didn't work go to the service center :) that's the only way :D..
    hit thanks if i helped :D
  17. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    hahaha that's a good news Congratulations my friend:D Hit thanks if i helped ;D

  18. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    hahahah :) congratulations :D hit thanks if i helped :))
  19. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    heres the steps to find your orig firmware

    Settings - about phone - firmware :)
  20. mmarcc13

    mmarcc13 Lurker

    When i plug my phone with the usb in my pc i dont get the yellow box in odin Do i need to download a driver or something?
  21. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    download samsung usb driver :)
  22. tedmosby

    tedmosby Lurker

    Sir in my case I can't access recovery or download mode it just stays in the Samsung logo. What should I do?
  23. jmpotter

    jmpotter Lurker

    sir, i tried your method, but im still stuck in boot logo.
    can you please help me? im a pinoy too. tnx sir
  24. tedmosby

    tedmosby Lurker

    Sir do I need a usb jig to access download mode? Where can I buy a usb jig here in the philippines?
  25. AgentHacKER

    Thread Starter

    tsk ,, your phone is hardbricked ,, the only way to fix that is go to service center :) we can fix that if you can enter download mode ;) :eek:

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