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Root How to Flash the Huawei Ascend to Stock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Jazziette, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    How to flash the Huawei Ascend back to Stock:

    Note: All credit goes to semyazza at xda-developers site.

    Huawei Ascend - Flash Back to Stock - xda-developers

    HOWTO : Flash the Huawei Ascend to stock
    by semyazza

    These directions are for metroPCS the next post contains directions for Cricket

    Fastboot Method
    (Note:This method will work even if the phone will not start or go into recovery)​

    Download the Following Package:
    MetroPCSStock Recovery Package with Scripts
    678041208774eab0aed1005f287d71ab MetroStockRecover.7z

    1)Attach phone to USB
    2)Power Phone Off
    3)Enter Fastboot (End Call + Volume Down - while phone turns on)
    4)Run script relevant to your OS
    5) Your phone will automatically reboot

    WARNING: Only the linux version has been tested. All other versions should work though. DO NOT power off the phone during the process.

    Nandroid Method
    (Note:Working custom recovery is needed for this method)​

    Download the Following Package:
    MetroPCS Stock Nandroid Backup (Phone Right Out of Box) (EDIT: This file is currently unavailable.)
    663fab87380e87c8c158a2f5d0c4495e MetroPCSStock.7z

    1) Place nandroid backup files into a directory on sdcard:
    2) Boot into recovery (Send Call + Volume Up - while phone turns on)
    3) Go to Backup/Restore.
    4) Select Nand restore
    5) Select mem=211M
    6) Select folder named "stock"
    7) Proceed with on screen instructions



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    Post #100 by PlayfulGod, Apr 11, 2011 (1 points)
  3. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    These directions are for Cricket
    the previous post contains directions for MetroPCS

    Force Update Method
    (Recommendation : When the OS of handsets could not start up successfully)​

    Download the Following Package:
    Cricket Stock Recovery Package
    d97ed410ffa518c689e2444d21007daa M860V100R001C153B251SP03.zip

    1) Copy "dload" folder to SD card
    2) Switch off the handset ,then press "Volume Control Upper Key +End Key+ Power Key"
    3) Showing successful
    4) Remove battery one second ,then power on ,waiting till the os start up

    Normal Update Method

    Download the Following Package:
    Cricket Stock Recovery Package
    d97ed410ffa518c689e2444d21007daa M860V100R001C153B251SP03.zip

    1) Copy "dload" folder to SD card
    2) Settings--SD card & Phone storage--Software Upgrade
  4. ventovic

    ventovic Member

    Awesome thanks for the posts Jazz :)
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  5. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    You're welcome, ventovic. We will put these threads in our trouble shooting section and hopefully it will help those who come here looking for help.

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  6. ventovic

    ventovic Member

    cool deal jazz, and your always on your toe's with this info for us
  7. THH209

    THH209 Newbie

    didnt work for me :(
  8. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Can you get to your CWR ?
  9. THH209

    THH209 Newbie

    no it just stays on the huawei screen
  10. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Are you pressing on the volume up button, the send button and tapping on the power button?

    Try that and see if CWR comes up. And keep trying it. It should work.
  11. harrison47

    harrison47 Newbie

    i have a cricket huawei ascend that will NOT boot into recovery, and it wont do the "factory data reset" (that simply results in the phone rebooting). I hope the software upgrade method works for me i will try it when i get home today.
  12. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Good luck with that! If I were you I would flash back to stock and start from square one.

  13. moogie522

    moogie522 Member

    If I flash back to stock do I have to do everything all over?....root and then install the icurus mod.
  14. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

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  15. Mahasamatman

    Mahasamatman Lurker

    I am trying to revive an ascend for a friend. It is a MetroPCS version She was cleaning it with a wet wipe and it no longer boots. It stops at the "android" boot screen It will enter fastboot and I used the flash bat from XP everything finished with OKAY, but it still boots no further than "android" I tried booting to recovery but all I get is a solid magenta screen I have a captivate so I am familiar with the concepts even if the phone has different methods Is this Ascend dead? I am willing to disassemble it if needed, just point me at a guide


    Device manager shows an "Android Sooner Single ADB Interface"
    when I enter fastboot and plug it in.
    however, adb devices lists nothing, not even a ?
  16. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    @ Mahasamatman

    Did you take out the battery and make sure you got any excess moisture out of the phone. I would leave the battery out overnight and then put it back in and let it charge for another 24 hours. Then see if it works okay.

    Good luck with it. :)
  17. Mahasamatman

    Mahasamatman Lurker

    It happened weeks ago.
    I got the phone after she let it sit for over a month :(

    I did put it in a bag of silica gel to dry it out, but it didnt help

    I just got word from Huawei that I will have to take it back to MPCS, they dont do their own warranty like Samsung, since she has already had the phone at the store once I am sure it is already in the system as nonreturnable so I am starting to think I will have to disassemble it to get it to work since it probly has corrosion on the smd's
    any links to a teardown?

    also I am thinking of trying a force flash to Cricket just to get it to boot so I can install clockwork and get a working MPCS rom on it
    is that crazy talk?
  18. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  19. Mahasamatman

    Mahasamatman Lurker


    is that a generic, mpcs, or cricket rom?
  20. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Generic. Directly from the Manufacturer.
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  21. Mahasamatman

    Mahasamatman Lurker

    so that eclair file is source to compile?
    it does not look line the force update file I got for a cricket
    and the huawei site does not list any files for the ascend/m860

    I guess I will try the cricket update at this point, unless I hear different
  22. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    The Huawei Faqs manual says to go there if you need to re-download it. That's where I got the link. :)
  23. Mahasamatman

    Mahasamatman Lurker

    well the cricket force update looked like it was working
    but I end up in the same "android" screen that follows the Huawei screen
    and I get no further than I did when the phone showed up

    any advice at all at this point is welcome
    thank you

    I have learned that it may have gotten damp from cleaning wipes
    now I want to see if I can take it apart and find corrosion to clean
    anyone know of a teardown?
  24. Jazziette

    Jazziette Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    At this point.....the only advice I have is to tell her to stay away from the wet wipes on her new phone! ;)

    Sorry it didn't work!
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  25. FishDeeva

    FishDeeva Lurker

    My M860 is Metro PCS and when I press the 3 buttons and boot, it gives a directory with choices. There is nothing that says backup or restore. That is what i need to install the files from the SD card directory as directed. Can someone please tell me the exact wording of the choices on that menu I am to choose? I see :

    reboot system now
    apply sdcard;update.zip
    wip data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition

    I do not see anything that says to backup or restore. HELP
  26. Anduiril

    Anduiril Android Enthusiast

    How long have you let it try to boot up after flashing it? The first boot can take 15 minutes.
  27. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Extreme Android User

    umm not sure, I didnt go past the setup screen, the metro shutup made me wanna scream lol SO I flashed CM7 back.

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