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[How-To] Force the Official Android 2.2 Froyo Update for the Motrola Droid (FRG01B | Update 1 of 2)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Trident, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Mount your phone to your computer and move it from /download directory to the /root directory. That's all I can suggest at this point.

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  2. RgnKjnVA

    RgnKjnVA Newbie

    It needs to be in the root dir of your SD CARD not Android. I tried the same thing at first.

    On a side note, I'm happy to report that I'm experiencing no perceivable difference in battery life and LauncherPro is snappy! (I love that home/launcher app)
  3. bolkstofffump

    bolkstofffump Lurker

    Thanks for the update instructions. Flawless!
    Now to figure out if the Flash is really working or not. It wouldn't show trailers from imdb.:thinking:
  4. RgnKjnVA

    RgnKjnVA Newbie

    Is that true? Won't the branch Verizon releases have logic wrt to tethering requiring an additional fee before accessing? I installed this version hoping to cut VZ off at the knees wrt tethering.
  5. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Trust me, this is what Google and Verizon are going to release. We got this directly from Google's servers.
  6. SilentJ20

    SilentJ20 Newbie

    Well, waited an hour at the white M splash screen. Can anyone help me out?

  7. Cougz09

    Cougz09 Lurker

    ok alright thanks a lot. I just wanted to have a fall back just incase my droid for some reason craps out, so i can get a new one.
  8. dennyc

    dennyc Lurker

    worked for me. I updated from the phone using the barcodes. Thanks, great writeup.
  9. RgnKjnVA

    RgnKjnVA Newbie

    OK but that kinda bums me out because that means VZ will still try to bend me over the couch (charge me $$$) to use functionality that I've enjoyed for free since getting my Droid. Oh well, back to the hack method I suppose.

    ...I hate Verizon.
  10. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    1. Boot into recovery:
    You will need to preform a factory reset on your device. You will be accessing Recovery Mode to do this. Start by powering down the phone completely.

    While holding
  11. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Android Enthusiast

    I think you taking this wrong it doesn't need to be in your root it needs to be in the sdcard which shows up as a folder in astro. You want to move it from download to sdcard in astro the root "/" is exactly that and requires a rooted phone.
  12. SilentJ20

    SilentJ20 Newbie

    Well, no dice, still hangs at the white M screen. Any other ideas? Thanks so far...

  13. chriscream

    chriscream Lurker

    I got tired of waiting, but I was neverous about rooting my phone. I am using this version right now and I am posting my results. I am not up to speed on hacking and rooting but I will "take chances" if the risks are limited. I had to use my D Pad for the download. OMG! Thank you thank you thank you!
  14. xmguy

    xmguy Newbie

    I tried to install the update using SP Recovery. It says the patch is invalid for the update.zip
  15. devildog999

    devildog999 Lurker

    It works fine for me
  16. Kubbe117

    Kubbe117 Newbie

    So i have downloaded 3 time and still get an error. Please Help
  17. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Android Enthusiast

    Not sure if it will help but when the official 2.1 came out my phone did something similar I had to remove the sdcard then do the factory wipe and then after I got past the white M I was able to put in my card while it was still booting and that worked.
  18. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Android Enthusiast

    Where have you all downloaded from?

    Try http://www.strifejester.com/update.zip the file was downloaded and verified in earlier posts. It also seemed to get good speed from what I heard.
  19. Kubbe117

    Kubbe117 Newbie

    Still cant get it to work. Is there going to be a OTA update where i dont have to do any of this?
  20. Trident

    Trident Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Then force install the 2.1 update.zip followed by the 2.2 update.zip.

    Should be golden after that! :)
    SilentJ20 likes this.
  21. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Android Enthusiast

    Yes the OTA will be coming starting this week. Thats all we are doing here is speeding up the process. Not sure when the OTA will come to you I read Verizon figures it will take something like 2 weeks to get it all pushed out.
  22. SilentJ20

    SilentJ20 Newbie

    Thanks. I'll have to wait until I get home, though. My work pc won't unzip the RSDLite file, and I can't download the 2.0.1 sbf file because of company filters. I'll see how it goes.

  23. RazorBeast

    RazorBeast Newbie

    Worked like an absolute charm! Thanks Trident! NOw i'm looking for all the new things since i'm running launcherpro plus as a default.
  24. jonfarr3

    jonfarr3 Lurker

    I just did the upgrade to 2.2. everything seemed to work fine except when I went into my music library it got all jacked up. Mostly that artist/album information was missing or for some reason, switched.

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